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How to Make YouTube Videos

Wondering how to make YouTube videos? Creating videos is easier than you think!

I've been wondering how to make YouTube videos. All you need is a smartphone, a microphone, and movie editing software. This tutorial makes me think I really can do this!

My husband and I sat together for a Periscope broadcast in an attempt to demystify how to make videos for YouTube and your blog. All you need is your smartphone, a microphone, and movie editing software (that is probably already on your computer).

When you know how to make YouTube videos, you open up tremendous possibilities, like offering video reviews to sponsors, producing screencasts and tutorials, and creating products (like e-courses) to sell.

Video Notes:

  • The equipment we use for video 1:51
  • Tip for positioning your microphone 6:51
  • How to use iMovie 8:46
  • Why use video in blog posts 16:20

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