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6 Resources to Help Bloggers Focus

What did we do before technology gave us wonderful tablets and apps?

6 resrouces that can help bloggers focus, find balance, and get more done.

If you struggle with motivation, goal-setting, or… cough… time management, these resources will help.

Great Apps


MindMeister (mind mapping) – MeisterLabs

Since my husband has a difficult time setting a sequence of what is necessary to accomplish his tasks and goals, he started using MindMeister to help him picture what needs to be done first with mind maps. Quickly, I realized how beneficial this app would be for giving a blogger focus.

As someone who believes mind maps can help you focus and motivate you towards your blogging goals, MindMeister is a MUST.

303030/30 – Binary Hammer

This app could help anyone with time management… even me. 30/30 gives you the ability to set your tasks and the amount of time you want to spend and synchronize it with a timer. Only have an hour and want to divide it between research and social media? You can! You can plan your entire day or just divide your one hour task into pieces so you do not lose track of time.

Fabulous Extensions



Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is a quick fix for ignoring email. Did I just admit that? You can use it to: “1. Write messages now and schedule them to deliver at any time; 2. Schedule messages to return to your inbox at a later time; and/or 3. Remind yourself to follow up on messages that don’t get a response within a certain time.”

strict workflow


Strict Workflow

Need to gather some focus and avoid social media? “1. Click to start a 25-minute work timer, and work without distraction. 2. Click to start a 5-minute break timer, and kick back and relax. 3. Repeat until all your work is done.”

Must-Have Ebooks

Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free by Amy Lynn Andrews is a short, to-the-point ebook about managing your time effectively by setting goals and scheduling your time.

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine is an extremely practical ebook that will help your overcome any area of your life where you lack discipline. Have more than one area where you struggle? Read it over, and over again!

What resources do you suggest?