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June 2015 Blogger Income Report (with Expenses)

Time for my monthly blogger income report. Are you ready?

A breakdown of what she made and the expenses in this blogger income report. Includes details about what she learned that can be great tips for any blogger who wants to make money blogging.

Hi there and happy July! Now that the smoke has cleared from our massive fireworks display that we put on with our neighbors and I have packed away the DIY waterpark I installed in my front yard, I decided it was time to share my June Blogger Income/Expense Report.

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Blogger Income/Expense Report breakdown for June


  • Product Sales through Inspired Bloggers University and Meet Penny $1,348.71
  • Product Sales through a third party (Teachers Pay Teachers) $24.98
  • Affiliate Sales (other bloggers and bundle sales) $750.83
  • Amazon Affiliates $176.53
  • Amazon Kindle Publishing $95.91
  • Advertising Networks (The Blogger Network, Adsense) $508.48
  • Affiliate Networks (Commission Junction, Linkshare, etc.) $104.07



  • Virtual Assistants and Contributors $465.00
  • Affiliate Commissions $9.20
  • Hosting and Domains $236.55
  • Social Media Advertising $120.89
  • Stock Photography $20.00
  • Email Server $150.00



What I learned this month from my blogging income/expense report

Knowing what you make and spend is important in any business because… hello? TAXES! But, you also need to pay attention to trends and learn from your reports.

PRODUCT SALES – Wow. I launched a new class for Periscope on June and saw decent sales from that but the majority of the income came from membership subscribers and other e-course sales. The fabulous thing about having your own products? You create them once and then they make passive income forever.

PRODUCT SALES through a 3rd party – I only have two or three printable packs uploaded to Teachers Pay Teachers. Can you imagine what I could do if I uploaded all 100 that I have getting dusty in the cloud?

AFFILIATE SALES – A huge chunk of that income was from bundle sales… but I am really tired of promoting bundle sales. So, I either need to come up with a new way to promote them without spamming people to death or get really picky about the ones I promote because the income is NICE.

AMAZON AFFILIATES – I was lazy about sharing my affiliate link in social media and it showed tremendously. I need to be posting at least one affiliate link to social media each day.

AMAZON KINDLE – Ebook sales are down, either because of the update to the Kindle Direct Publishing or because I have not uploaded a new ebook in a while. I have several I could add. Might be time to do that because when you have more than one ebook available, they all sell better.

AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS – I am not utilizing my affiliates. I need to come up with a way to empower them to make more money with my products.

What did you learn?

Did you notice something from the income/expense report that I didn’t see? Please leave a comment so we can all learn together.