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Struggling for Blog Traffic?

Tired of the ever-changing algorithms from Pinterest, Facebook and other social media platforms?

Have you looked at a spider’s web recently?

Pound for pound, spider silk is as strong as steel. The silk radiates from the hub, linking at intersections and growing in exceptional strength.

A spider web can weather wind, rain and heat. No matter the elements, the spider web remains resilient. Able to bend and twist under incredible weight without breaking, any damage is limited to just a few threads and is easily repaired.

Exactly how SEO, Search Engine Optimization, protects your blog from sudden traffic changes.

Ready to grow your blog traffic organically using the power of search engines?

Master SEO and Increase Blog Traffic

In just 6 weeks, you will learn everything you need to understand SEO and how to use search engine optimization to increase referral traffic from websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even Pinterest.

  • 6 Comprehensive Lessons

    Fully descriptive lessons in language that can be easily understood. No fancy blog-speak.

  • Interactive Homework

    Start making changes immediately with step-by-step tutorials and homework assignments.

  • Video Explanations

    View previously-recorded live Facebook chats with Tabitha Philen.

Hi! I’m Tabitha Philen, founder of Inspired Bloggers University.

Several years ago, I discovered the powerful potential of traffic driven from search engines when I had a post go viral.

When my traffic spiked, I searched my analytics for a source… completely expecting to find someone had shared my post in their social media… but the traffic was being referred by Google.

Blog traffic from search engines is completely different from the traffic you get from a viral social media post because it does not peak and disappear quickly but maintains a consistent flow.

If you are struggling to build your blog’s traffic with social media and ready to see traffic that grows month after month, let me show you how.

If you are looking for actionable, easy to implement strategies and techniques that are delivered in a way that’s easy to understand; this course is for you. Even if you feel confident in your SEO abilities, I would still recommend this course. You may just learn a thing or two and at the very least, you’ll brush up on your own skills. – Kori

I thought I had a good understand of SEO, but I was completely WRONG. This class went well beyond the discussion of keywords and included many facets that I had not considered. – Pam

Ready to generate organic traffic, harnessing the power of search engines to gain more page views month after month?

This class has been the most intense yet empowering class I’ve taken. Tabitha kicked my blogging backside with this SEO course but I’m so proud of all the work I’ve done. Hate that it’s over but it has let me know that Tabitha Philen knows her stuff! – Ashley

Whoa! What a great class! I knew that I needed lots of help when I signed up. SEO has long been something that I have struggled with on my sites. But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Tabitha shared so many aspects of SEO that I hadn’t even thought of, and I learned some things about my site that needed my attention ASAP! Going through the class as a group was fabulous. Not only did we get a full lesson inside the member area on Inspired Bloggers University, but we had a private Facebook group. This allowed us to really interact with each other and to help each other out. Tabitha was very much a part of the group, not one of those instructors who waits for others to help you out first before answering. Each week, the live video component allowed us to directly connect to Tabitha and to share comments and ask additional questions as she went through each point in the lesson. Such a great investment and a fabulous experience. My website is already better because of my experience in this course. I have already signed up for another class from Tabitha that just started this week. I highly recommend this course, no matter where your knowledge falls on SEO. – Tammy

I looked forward to every FB live Tabitha did because I felt like we were just two friends talking about SEO and blogging stuff in my living room. She inspired me and encouraged me to take off my SEO training wheels and lose the fear to face the fact that in order to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a plan, you need to work on your blog. I cleaned up my blog, I fixed broken links and I am ready to take my blog to the next level. I totally recommend the SEO course. It is worth every single penny! – Maybelline

Course Overview…

Lessons are highly descriptive and thorough with each containing 1,500 words or more. To help you absorb the information and implement new strategies, each lesson contains worksheets and video tutorials (as needed).

  • SEO-Friendly Blog Structure
  • Understanding Your Authority
  • Curating Keywords
  • On-Page SEO Strategy
  • Off-Page Promotion
  • Planning Your SEO Strategy


SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a written by Tabitha Philen, founder of Inspired Bloggers University, simplifying technical terms into common language.

When and where are the live lessons?

Live lessons are not currently available. Replays remain available throughout the duration of the private Facebook group.

How much time does each lesson require?

Lessons include highly-detailed text, video, audio, and worksheets. The lessons are self-paced allowing you to take as much time as needed, but at least 1 hour is recommended for each lesson plus implementation time.

Does my access to the class expire?

No. Once your purchase SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers, you have permanent access to the class and any future updates.

How can Inspired Bloggers University Paid Members access the private Facebook group?

Paid members should visit the course page (available through your profile page) to find the link to the private group.


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