Planning for Profit



Increase the return on your investment with step-by-step training by upgrading with the Planning for Profit e-course.

These interactive lessons provide instructions for using your Blog Success Planner to set achievable goals by breaking down each section of the planner.

Beyond the worksheets

With this class, you will access step-by-step instructions for setting up and using your Blog Success Planner. Each lesson includes the details you need for maximizing your planner so you are focused on creating a more profitable blog.

Video tutorials

Watch Tabitha Philen in previously recorded live lessons share the detailed strategies that propelled her success as a blogger who generates a full-time income blogging.

Through the Planning for Profit e-course, you will use your Blog Success Planner to…

  • Create a focused business plan

  • Set achievable blogging goals

  • Create a detailed editorial calendar

  • Track your growing income

  • Write targeted and powerful content

  • Attract search engines with SEO

  • Amass more email subscribers

  • Market your own products

  • Secure profitable sponsorships

  • Use social media strategically

  • Build meaningful blog relationships

  • Gain confidence to market yourself


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