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Increase Your Blog Page Views AND Profits… with email?

Are you sitting there with your head in your hands because your blog traffic just tanked with the newest social media algorithm? Need to generate an income and need it now?

The most efficient resource in your blogger’s toolbox for boosting blog traffic and generating more money is also the most neglected.

You spend hours (and maybe dollars) trying to master complicated social media algorithms. You tweak and twist and study. Finally, you master this complicated list of do’s and don’ts… only to have the algorithm change. UGH!

Or maybe social media isn’t working for you but you need something – and NOW – to boost you towards success.

Hey there! I’m Tabitha Philen, founder of Inspired Bloggers University.

Over the last few years, I have grown my blog’s email list to over 100,000 subscribers, resulting in significant page views and profits.

As a matter of fact, despite any gains I have on social media, my blogging success would be significantly stalled without a comprehensive email marketing strategy.

Why would I say something so bold?

With an email list, you hold the power to increase blog traffic and generate revenue without fluxing algorithms and/or paying for social media advertising.

And it’s NOT complicated.

The strategies I use are easy to reproduce and implement on your own blog, meaning YOU can increase your blog traffic and income too.

Ready for me to tell you EVERYTHING I know about email marketing?

Welcome to INBOX: Email Marketing for Bloggers!

Master email marketing strategies that will transform your blog traffic and revenue!

Through this course, you will learn to:

  • Identify the purpose of building a subscriber list
  • Create a specialized email lead magnet that will attract more subscribers
  • Design an email marketing plan to grow your page views
  • Understand the difference between RSS and newsletters
  • Increasing your income with an affiliate marketing strategy
  • Use email marketing to launch new products
  • Create your first email marketing funnel
  • Increase your email open rates
  • and more!

What in the INBOX?

Module One Basics of Email Marketing
Lesson One: Email Marketing Terminology
Lesson Two: The Purpose of Email Marketing for Bloggers
Lesson Three: Subscriber Boxes
Lesson Four: Legalities of Email Marketing
Lesson Five: How to Monetize Your Email
Module Two Email Subscribers
Lesson Six: Clarifying Your Target
Lesson Seven: Lead Magnets
Lesson Eight: Email Autoresponders
Lesson Nine: Segmenting Your List
Lesson Ten: Ways to Grow Your Email List
Module Three Email Content
Lesson Eleven: Formatting & Frequency
Lesson Twelve: Email Content and Relevancy
Module Four Email Maintenance
Lesson Thirteen: Increasing Your Open Rates
Lesson Fourteen: Subject Lines and A/B Testing
Lesson Fifteen: Cleaning Your Email List
Module Five Email Sequences and Sales Funnels
Lesson Sixteen: Sequences Versus Sales Funnels
Welcome or Nurturing Email Sequence
Challenge Email Sequence
Basic Sales Funnel Sequence
Tripwire Email Sales Sequence
Product Launch Sales Sequence
Webinar Email Sequence
After Sale Email Sequence

Whoa… What’s an Email Sequence?

Do email automations make you feel cross-eyed? INBOX has you covered, friend! Inside the course you receive flowcharts, checklists, and swipe files for NINE different sequences.

Ready to Create Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Design an email marketing strategy that nurtures your readers while growing your blog’s page views while increasing your income.


INBOX is informative and extremely helpful. My open rates are higher, and my list is growing rapidly… from 7k to almost 10k in about 2 months – which is insane!

One of the things that really helped was learning to segment my list. I have some who want daily RSS while others want a weekly wrap up… and then I sent an email asking my subscribers to sign up to hear about other specific topics. The response from that was phenomenal. Some messaged that they appreciated me asking because if I had sent emails on topics they weren’t interested in, they would have unsubscribed. They felt giving options was a very respectful approach to email marketing. – Rosalind

Although I have been blogging a long time, I have been struggling to use my email list effectively for the past couple of years.

The INBOX course helped me with some of the more strategic aspects of my email list. My focus was on my email sequences and sales funnels and the course provided all the help and direction I needed. Since implementing what I have learned, I have seen greater open rates and even some ebook sales coming in from my email list!

Thank you, Tabitha, for another great course. You take complicated material and make it understandable and actionable. -Sheri



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