Discipline – 10 Days to Better Work-Life Balance




If your life is well-balanced…

this class is not for you!

If your life is perfectly zen, your home is always tidy, and you never fear that you are working more than you should be, this is NOT the course for you.

But if you have not mastered walking the tightrope that is tightly strung between your blogging business, family management, and a clean house, you are in the right place!

Finding that happy place between family, home, work, and all the other tasks vying for your attention… IT’S HARD.

10 Days to Better Work-Life Balance, is written to help you become disciplined and grab hold of your day before your day grabs hold of you.

Each lesson is short, designed to fit into your hectic schedule, but provides you with the tips and tools needed to live a more disciplined and profitable life as a blogging entrepreneur.

Find balance with more discipline.




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