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Striving for success but getting no where fast?

Are you frustrated and burned out? Looking to renew your passion for blogging?

Feeling confused and unfocused? Seeking clarity and purpose for your blog?
Or maybe… just maybe… have a twinge of jealousy for bloggers who seem to have everything figured out? Wondering what their secret ingredient for success is?

Yup. I understand because I had those same thoughts and feelings.

And I agree with you! It’s totally frustrating to be doing all the things you are supposed to do to achieve blogging success and still. be. struggling.

So what is the secret? Why are some bloggers HIGHLY successful while some of us are left beating our heads against the wall?

Have you ever stopped to ponder WHY highly successful bloggers are successful?

Does their success come from content? Images? Time? Friends? Luck?

And, if the source of their success can be traced, is it attainable for YOU?

Hey there! I’m Tabitha Philen, the founder of Inspired Bloggers University.

In 2016, I doubled my blogging income over previous years:

  • 2014 blogging income = $31,000
  • 2015 blogging income = $34,000
  • 2016 blogging income = $74,000

What did I change to see that kind of growth?

Halfway through the year, I started spying on my highly successful blogging friends, the ones making six-figures every month, because I wanted to know WHY they were killing it. Or more importantly… HOW.

As I investigated, I noticed several similarities between them and started implementing these characteristics in my own blogging business.

And the most astounding part? It’s nothing that you cannot duplicate!

In reality, highly successful bloggers don’t make emotional decisions. Their decisions are based on strategies. The same strategies I will teach you.

Characteristics of Highly Successful Bloggers

But I will not TELL you the characteristics and expect you to figure out the rest on your own. No. I’m a step-by-step teacher and will break down each quality, equipping you with everything you need to morph your blogging business into a highly successful machine.


“As someone with a new blog, I am extremely careful with how I invest in my blog as I work on making money. I feel like I now have a blueprint with ACTIONABLE STEPS to follow. It’s easily worth double the price. You’ve saved me hours of research and trial and error. One of the best investments I’ve made in my blog.”

– Jennifer McCurtis · For Modern Kids

“I have been blogging since 2003… I was in a funk and didn’t know how to get out. I needed to get back to the basics – the very things that would not only bring back my job, but help me get my blog moving in the right direction again. This course not only gave me the steps to take, but spelled it all out in detail how to do it.”

– Sheri Graham · Sheri Graham

And, because implementation is critical for duplicating their success, you will receive worksheets and additional resources with each lesson, guiding you through necessary changes to develop these characteristics in your own blogging business.

Are you ready to change your blogging business?

Get Full Access for $49!


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