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Learn more than 25 ways to BOOST your blog traffic

In this blogging business you need two things: 1) a beautiful blog with amazing content and 2) a strong sense of confidence because you must be your own cheerleader.

Within BOOST, you will learn over 25 different ways to generate more traffic. All you need is the desire to promote yourself authentically.

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After blogging for three years, another blogger emailed me and asked, “To what do you attribute your blog’s success? Your blog traffic grew so quickly!”

The key to building blog traffic is not a secret. You need amazing content that solves the problems of you ideal readers. Then, you have to market yourself.

The idea that you can write a blog post and walk away thinking, “The people who need it will find it” is a ridiculous growth strategy. Blogging requires a strategic marketing plan.

Here’s a reality check…

  • There are over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet. (That’s a TON of zeros!)
  • A new blog is created every half second.

If that makes you think “Then why I should I bother?!?!” read this:

409,000,000 people read 22,900,000,000 blog pages each month. (And just in case the zeros sent your eyeballs rolling, that’s 409 MILLION people reading 22.9 BILLION pages.)

But how do you attract these people to YOUR blog?

BOOST will teach you more than 25 different ways to generate blog traffic and includes specific strategies for engaging with your audience.

I will help you find the people who are longing for the resonance of your voice tied to your specific message. They need YOU.

Let’s get the search party started…

Waiting for you…

  • 24 Thorough Lessons

    BOOST includes lessons that will help you generate traffic from new sources, building a community of engaged readers

  • Strategic Homework

    Lessons include homework to motivate you to act immediately, improving your blog and implementing your strategy

  • Blog Growth

    BOOST will help you identify more than 25 different ways to grow your blog’s traffic

Course Overview…

Lessons include:

  1. Basic traffic building techniques
  2. Writing consistently
  3. Search engines and blog directories
  4. Using Pinterest and Promoted Pins
  5. Will Instagram bring traffic?
  6. Facebook page versus Facebook group?
  7. Social media strategy
  8. Email subscriber secrets
  9. Hosting a webinar
  10. And more…

What people are saying…

“The course was just what I needed to have a complete strategy for boosting traffic on my blog. It answered many questions, filled in some knowledge gaps for me, and helped me to double my traffic even though I was already at least somewhat familiar with many of the topics included. It was worth it for me!” – Tauna

“One of the best investments for the money! A great way to boost your traffic, make great friends and co-marketing partners and best of all a better understanding of how promotions work. Thanks, Tabitha for creating a great set! ” – Felice

“I am so thrilled with the results of taking the BOOST course! My traffic has increased exponentially in the short time since I started this course, and I’m looking forward to implementing even more tips to continue to see growth. Thank you, Tabitha, for helping me take my blog to the next level!” – Tara

BOOST your blog’s traffic NOW.

“Well worth the price! This class was broken down into manageable sections, which made it easier to apply the information. I learned new strategies and was pleasantly surprised to see Tabitha held nothing back. She shared her personal hits and misses, saving us valuable time and money. We were also encouraged to support each other by boosting fellow bloggers work. If you are a busy blogger, who is serious about growing your business, this is the class for you. Outstanding class!”- Connie

“Tabitha is a knowledgeable, kind and gracious mentor. This course gives bite-sized, actionable strategies to grow a blog based on sound strategy and Tabitha’s experience. It is well worth your time and minimal investment to tap into this valuable resource.” – Christine

Frequently asked questions…

Will BOOST contain information for seasoned bloggers or just new bloggers?

Boost will provide information that will help bloggers of all experiences. Even if you KNOW about these items, the accountability and homework will make it extremely valuable.

Is BOOST is just for bloggers using WordPress or any platform?

BOOST will work on any platform.