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Never buy a blog planner again!

Building and maintaining a successful (cough… and profitable) blog takes a ton of commitment.

Between planning posts and taking pictures and attracting new readers and contacting sponsors and sending newsletters… It’s a lot.

All the details of running a blogging business take an ample dose of time, not to mention the mental stamina needed to keep the details covered. Makes you wish you could hire a personal blogging planner to follow you with a clipboard, reminding you what to do and when. Right? Your blog planning assistant would be your best friend too:

  • Listening to your awesome goals while you dream over a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Encouraging you to break your to-do list into little pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Reminding you to be mindful of the most important priorities needing to be accomplished before you slide into a social media time suck.
  • Adding up your income and balancing it against your expenses to make sure your bank account is growing steadily.
  • Motivating you to try new things, start new projects, contact new people, and create new products.

Introducing your new best friend…

If you have been searching for the perfect planner to help you get your blogging business together, look no further!

The Blog Success Planner is the best friend that keeps your blog (and your life) from spinning out of control as you spiral towards success.

Setting goals but never reaching them?

By encouraging you to set your goals and then break each goal into actionable steps, the Blog Success Planner keeps you motivated to move forward month after month until you reach success.

Bogged down by all the details a blogging business encompasses and feel like you are missing something?

The Blog Success Planner is the best blogging planner, making all your to-do tasks seem possible with checklists to remind you of the important aspects entailed in planning content, publishing new posts, maintaining social media, and monetizing your blog.

Tired of trying to piece together printables and planners to make it work for your blogging business?

Stop wasting time and purchase the ONE blog planner that combines everything you need for outlining strategies, creating products, marketing your blog, and implementing ideas.

Purchase the Blog Success Planner with Planning for Profit Course at a HUGE savings! Over 75% off!

Normally $197

Only $49!

Tabitha Philen, FounderInspired Bloggers University

I was struggling. I knew a profitable blog was possible. My blogging friends were making six figures! Why was it harder for me?

Then, the truth hit me like a lightning flash. My blog was pieced together with no direction. I lacked a definitive plan that would transform my blog a money-making machine.

So, I started dumping all the info and ideas in my brain onto paper. I created calendars and spreadsheets, strategy planners and worksheets.

As I implemented my plan, what I thought could not happen started to happen! My blog grew. And, I started seeing MONEY deposited into my accounts.

The missing key to my success was in taking what I knew and creating an actionable plan that would catapult my blog from hobby to profitable business.

And why you need it too…

Are you like I was?

… Struggling to make sense of your blogging strategy? Feel like you need to untangle your brain?

… Setting goals for your business but never reaching them? Think blogging success must be impossible for you?

… Going to bed at night and wondering what you actually accomplished that day to move your blogging business forward?

Get the Blog Success Planner today and make sense of your strategy.

The Blog Success Planner includes…

Designed with strategic worksheets for planning, creating, and implementing a profitable blogging business, the Blog Success Planner is the best planner for the professional blogger who is resolved to increasing blog traffic and income.

Much more than any other blogging planner available, the Blog Success Planner is a step-by-step workbook including UNDATED pages for every aspect of organizing and implementing a detailed business plan.

The Blog Success Planner includes an undated calendar so you can start planning right away and use it year after year!

  • Business Planning

    Includes the quintessential components of any planner as well as pages to help you define your blog’s purpose and business goals.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Abandon your random social media habits and plan your status updates with strategic purpose.

  • Content Planning

    Build a cohesive plan for your blog content with SEO worksheets and editorial calendar pages, and check your progress with the Annual Review.

  • Growth Planning

    Build your authority by creating new products, networking with other bloggers, reaching the media, and continuing your education.

  • Income Tracking

    Know how much money you are making by creating a financial plan and working your sponsor and affiliate relationships to grow your revenue.

  • Printable Accessories

    Organize your Blog Success Planner with sectional dividers and tabs as well as colorful stickers you can print and cut.

Inside the Blog Success Planner are pages for:

And, did we mention it’s EDITable?

The digital Blog Success Planner allows you to click and enter your text. Then, print your pages and add them to your own planning system or a large binder. Plus, when you purchase the digital edition, you have access to both a full-color format and a minimalistic format that is cheaper to print.

What bloggers are saying…

“Wow! I wish this planner was available ten years ago when I started blogging. It would have saved me a ton of time and lots of headaches. Over the years, I’ve found that the most effective way to achieve my business goals is to write them down, prioritize, then follow the plan. The Blog Success Planner walks you through this process step-by-step. This planner is the most comprehensive blog/business planner I’ve ever seen. It is so much more than a planner, it is truly a Blogging Success course at a planner price! I’ve already printed off several pages, because even after ten years, there are still areas of my business that need attention and this planner will help me stay focused and achieve my goals.: – Toni, The Happy Housewife

“I’ve been using the Blog Success Planner for a few weeks now, and I find that I’m approaching my work with more intention as I work through the sections of the planner. It is NOT just a calendar with a post planner and some tracking sheets. It is a from-the-ground-up planner that covers everything you could ever need to plan for your blog. Goal setting, editorial calendar, brain storming, social media strategies, product planners . . . It feels like a course, planner and how-to guide all rolled into one. I honestly don’t know how I managed without it before. By far, it has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my blogging career.” – ALLI MARCH, SCATTERED SQUIRREL

Digital Planner


  • Includes editable PDFs to type and print
  • Download the full-color AND black & white design
  • Printable accessories include sectional dividers, tabs, & more

More raving blogger fans…

I am a planner junkie. I have oodles of “regular planners” but have not found a “blogging planner” that has all that I need in one place…until now! This is by far the best, most thought-out and comprehensive blogging planner that exists. If you’re serious about growing your business and earning more money, you need to get this planner and get yourself and your business organized so you can press on working towards your goals & achieving your dreams. – ERIN CHASE, $5 DINNERS

Holy cow! The Blog Success Planner is so much more than just a planner! It’s so much more big picture – with blog business planning and budget planning and tracking. But also your planner for day to day editorial and mundane tasks. Brilliant! JAMIE REIMER, HANDS ON : AS WE GROW

The Blog Success Planner is exactly what I’ve been looking for to help track and organize the many (many!) facets of business blogging. Thorough and extremely comprehensive, I know this will help me stay on track with my goals and campaigns. – Cheryl Pitt 2:1 Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take the printed Blog Success Planner to ship?
The printed version of the Blog Success Planner is published on demand and shipped by Amazon.

I ordered the Digital Blog Success Planner. When will I receive it?
Upon checkout, please click to return to Inspired Bloggers University after your payment. You will immediately be redirected to the page with your Blog Success Planner links. If you forget to return, an email confirmation will be sent to you with the access information, but it will probably land in your spam box. You can find it by searching your inbox for mail from Tabitha(at)InspiredBloggersUniversity(dot)com.

What makes the new Blog Success Planner different from last year?
In addition to having a printable planner, the digital version of the Blog Success Planner has also experienced changes including the ability to type directly into the PDF files and an email marketing section.

Do Inspired Bloggers University members have access to the Planning for Profit class?
Yes. Paid members have access to all Inspired Bloggers University classes.


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