Control your finances by selling products you create on your blog

Tabitha Philen, founder Inspired Bloggers UniversityOver $40,000

That’s the part of my income I made in 2016 by selling printables, courses, videos, and membership on my websites. Products I created. Products I owned. Products that met the needs of my audience. Products they begged to buy.

Hey there! I’m Tabitha Philen, founder of Inspired Bloggers University, and between my two websites, I have created over 100 digital products. Now, I will teach you how to brainstorm and create products your audience will love.

Stop fretting over blog income (or the lack of it!)

Create a new digital product your audience will LOVE in less than three weeks by tackling just one lesson a day!

MODULE ONE Finding Your Product
Brainstorming and validating your product idea
Outlining your product
MODULE TWO Product Creation
How to create an ebook or PDF product
How to create an audio or video course
Packaging a service to sell
MODULE THREE Product Essentials
Pricing your product
Landing pages and shopping carts
Growing your audience
Overcoming barriers
Other products and upselling
Hacks for working smarter

Product: Creating Products Your Audience Will Buy

Take Control of Your Blog Income

Create a digital product to sell from your website using daily assignments that include step-by-step instructions for brainstorming, creating, and selling your product

interactive Lessons

Watch 12 video lessons and then join the discussion in our private Facebook group where Tabitha is an active participant.

Additional Resource pages

All videos include brainstorm worksheets as well as additional resources and products to help you accomplish each day’s assignment.

Strong Community

Gain accountability from like-minded bloggers who are also creating new products and are eager to help you achieve success.

But, that’s not all… when the course is complete, you KEEP access.

So there is no reason NOT to join the Product Course. Start today!

Who Should Create a PRODUCT?

Bloggers with a defined audience

On any platform including social media

Those who have a clearly defined audience will have a better understanding of which products to create. Without a target audience, you can create products but may struggle for sales. You could attract your audience during the marketing process but paid social media ads will be necessary.

Bloggers with 10,000 followers+

Across combined platforms each month

The consumers for your product will come from your existing audience. Must they be blog readers? Not necessarily. You can market your product through your social media channels. And should the audience be large? No. But a combined reach of 10,000 a month is recommended.