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StudioPress Black Friday SALE

If you are an existing customer of StudioPress, you can take advantage of HUGE savings until next Monday (11/18).

StudioPress Theme of the Month

As an early Black Friday sale, current StudioPress customers will receive 40% off everything at checkout.

All customers can take advantage of additional savings but only existing customers will receive the additional 40% off.

Pro Plus All-Theme Package combined with one year of our world-class marketing training in Authority. That means *you* get Pro Pack for 40% off, and Authority along with it … totally free.

Additional offers for ALL customers include:

  • Buy StudioPress Pro Pack, get a year of Authority for free.
  • Invest in Authority, get Premise for free.
  • Buy StudioPress Pro Pack and save $100.
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  • Invest in Authority and save $100.

Sale ends on Monday, November 18th at 5 pm Pacific time.

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6 Resources to Help Bloggers Focus

What did we do before technology gave us wonderful tablets and apps?

6 resrouces that can help bloggers focus, find balance, and get more done.

If you struggle with motivation, goal-setting, or… cough… time management, these resources will help.

Great Apps


MindMeister (mind mapping) – MeisterLabs

Since my husband has a difficult time setting a sequence of what is necessary to accomplish his tasks and goals, he started using MindMeister to help him picture what needs to be done first with mind maps. Quickly, I realized how beneficial this app would be for giving a blogger focus.

As someone who believes mind maps can help you focus and motivate you towards your blogging goals, MindMeister is a MUST.

303030/30 – Binary Hammer

This app could help anyone with time management… even me. 30/30 gives you the ability to set your tasks and the amount of time you want to spend and synchronize it with a timer. Only have an hour and want to divide it between research and social media? You can! You can plan your entire day or just divide your one hour task into pieces so you do not lose track of time.

Fabulous Extensions



Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is a quick fix for ignoring email. Did I just admit that? You can use it to: “1. Write messages now and schedule them to deliver at any time; 2. Schedule messages to return to your inbox at a later time; and/or 3. Remind yourself to follow up on messages that don’t get a response within a certain time.”

strict workflow


Strict Workflow

Need to gather some focus and avoid social media? “1. Click to start a 25-minute work timer, and work without distraction. 2. Click to start a 5-minute break timer, and kick back and relax. 3. Repeat until all your work is done.”

Must-Have Ebooks

Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free by Amy Lynn Andrews is a short, to-the-point ebook about managing your time effectively by setting goals and scheduling your time.

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine is an extremely practical ebook that will help your overcome any area of your life where you lack discipline. Have more than one area where you struggle? Read it over, and over again!

What resources do you suggest?

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How to Set Office Hours as a Blogger

Hopefully, you have taken the time to track the amount of time you spend working on blog-related business during the week and have an awareness of any time that you are… cough… wasting and maybe even found a way to focus using the Strict Workflow extension for Chrome.

Help setting office hours for bloggers

So, now that you know how much time you need in a week to blog, you can decide when you are going to place those office hours.

When to work on your blog

Depending on your family structure and whether or not you have another job, your hours are going to vary. For me to tell you exactly how to set up your office hours would be useless because I don’t know the details of your life or what type of support you get from others.

Talk to those in your life

My husband and I frequently talk about how many hours I am spending at the computer and what type of impact that is having on our family. For me, it is important to maintain the balance we have found and to keep him as the supportive spouse that he is. I never want my business to be an unfair burden on him or our children. So, we work together to fit my blogging into our lives.

My week looks something like this…

  • Sunday evening – After the children go to bed, I work on writing posts for the week and scheduling social media.
  • Early morning – Before my feet hit the floor, my hubby brings me coffee and I try to get as much accomplished as possible in one hour.
  • Weekday afternoons – While the kids give me “peace and quiet time,” I check social media and respond to email.
  • After hours – Before bed on most nights, I do a final check to make sure everything is set to run for the next day.
  • Monday nights – My hubby watches the children after dinner while I lock myself in the bedroom to work on writing posts, checking social media, and plugging through long-term projects.

If I have an intensive project on my calendar, I will have a bonus work night on Thursday evenings.

Know when your readers are online

The second part of setting your office hours really has more to do with scheduling your posts and social media. You can work at any time during the day or week as long as your posts and updates are being published at times when you target audience will see them.

I have watched my analytics enough to know that Sunday nights are big for publishing a post. Sunday is also a prime time for pinning to Pinterest.

On Monday through Thursdays, I know my readers are coming through Facebook during the day between 7 AM and 6 PM and I try to consistently publish posts and social media updates at those same times.

Fridays and Saturdays are much more laid back. I post on Friday morning but then you probably will not hear from me again until Sunday evening.

Again, this works for me but the attention you receive from your readers will vary greatly depending on your niche and location.

When NOT to work on your blog

While I cannot tell you when exactly to establish your business hours, I can tell you when you should not work on your blog.

  • Don’t blog over holidays. Use Instagram to autofeed to Facebook but let your blog rest. Since Christmas is so important to our family, you will notice that I take a two week break during that time to focus on my family and to pray over my goals for the next year.
  • Don’t blog during stressful times. If your feelings are hurt or if your family is going through a difficult time, blogging can be an unnecessary burden. Let it go. Your readers will be there when you get back.
  • Don’t blog when you need to focus on your family. If your children are small, don’t spend your days on the computer. Work when they are busy playing or sleeping. I admit that I need to take my own advice here because I don’t want my children to grow with the memory of mommy always being on the computer.

Setting your office hours is about finding the balance between what you can do (structure of your life) and what you need to do (attention of your readers) while remembering what you should not do (working when you need to ficus elsewhere).

What tips do you have for setting office hours?

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The Importance of Office Hours for Bloggers

Recently on the TODAY Show, the anchors created a new word – DIGIN. The exact definition of “digin” is vague since everyone had some fun interpreting how it could be used but my interpretation is:

DIGIN – di-jin (noun) A person who is always typing into their phone, involved in social media.  (verb) The act of constantly being online and active in social media.

Instantly, I identified myself as a Digin. Oh yes, I spend many, many hours online each day. As a matter of fact, being perfectly honest, I probably spend more time on my computer than any other activity. Gulp… including having meaningful interactions with my family.

time management advice for bloggers

When you don’t have office hours

Since I blog as a business, I think it is important to have hours set aside where I can concentrate on my blogs and social media accounts. When I don’t have a definitive time for social media or writing, I just sit with the laptop or iPad and get drawn into the ultimate time sucks of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Without office hours:

  • I lose the spontaneity of playing with my children because I always think, “I need to be working.” My home stays in a shambles because I am “working” so much. I will have dark shadows under my eyes because I am staying up late to “work.”
  • I am unavailable for my husband and unwilling to listen to his stories and concerns because I am focused on what I need to do.
  • My home stays in a shambles because I am “working” so much. I will have dark shadows under my eyes because I am staying up late to “work.”
  • I will have dark shadows under my eyes because I am staying up late to “work.”

Ask me how I know? Because I lived in that constant state of mind where “work” was defined by always having the laptop in front of me and thinking that time wasted did not matter as long as I was doing something online.

But, is it work or is it an excuse? Worse than that, is it a habit, laziness, or an addiction?

Why you need office hours

As a professional blogger, I need structure to: 1) keep me from being a workaholic; 2) help me focus on the most important business within the hours I set; and 3) give me unstructured time with my family to watch them grow because the days are short.

Avoid working all the time

I am a workaholic. Honestly, I am a perfectionist and can easily become addicted to anything because my inclination is to seek a self-esteem boost from my performance.

While I could write an entire post about why you should not seek to find self worth through your business, let’s suffice to say that working all the time is not healthy.

I need office hours to provide a healthy boundary for where my business belongs.

Prioritize your to do list

When I know that I have a set number of hours and a list of things to do, I am forced to prioritize my agenda based on what has to be done first.

By creating a list and then setting a priority to the list, I can overcome the overwhelming feeling that I have something to do but have no idea what to do first.

>>READ: Learn more about overcoming the overwhelm in your day.<<

Stay on task

I am also easily distracted. I can go to Pinterest looking for a specific post and an hour later find myself wondering what I was looking for in the first place. Same deal for me with Facebook.

When I am on the computer, I have to designate what I am doing and when. I use a handy Chrome app called Strict Workflow to keep me focused during my writing time. When active, Strict Workflow does not allow me on social media.

Using the Chrome extension Strict Workflow to help abide within your office hours.You can change the defaults to work with your timing and you can edit the list of banned websites if you have an inclination to… I don’t know… stalk movie stars on TMZ or something that is not set by default.

>>READ: Find more practical resources to help you focus<<

Focus on your family

Most of us are blogging as a business in order to improve our family’s situation.

I am painfully aware that when I am sucked into the abyss of social media that I am creating an entirely new set of issues within my family that is working against my ultimate goal.

A Time Management Challenge

As you carefully consider whether or not you need office hours, I want to encourage you to do what I plan on doing this week…

Keep a journal of your time online.

I’ve created a printable time log so you can have it next week when we decide how many office hours we really need to blog as a business and when to designate those hours during our week.

Free printable time management logSubscribe and receive this time log to track your hours.

Let’s be honest about what is truly necessary in our businesses and be accountable to our family and to one another.

Are you a Digin? What is your biggest time management struggle as a blogger?

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Imperfect Lives Revealed Can Increase Engagement

Many times, a blogger’s life appears just too perfect on the other side on the computer screen. It is easy for readers to think that our lives are filled with rosy moments and spotless dishes because that is all they see in our posts. We have to strive to be transparent and to encourage instead of creating doubts and anxiety in the lives of those who read our blogs.

Imperfect lives are revealed as bloggers of the #InspiredBN strive to be authentic and real. Come take a look behind the scenes.

Within our network of bloggers, we have resolved to reveal the imperfect parts of our lives through social media.

Using social media to increase authenticity

While writing about your spotted carpet might not naturally flow into a blog post, you can certainly show the less perfect side of yourself though social media.

You can turn any awkward situation into an opportunity to build trust.

Just to get you thinking…

  1. Take a picture of your spots and ask your readers for a natural solution to get the stain out of your carpet. Post before and after pictures.
  2. Put out a plea for help, “My mother in law is 10 minutes out and this stain suddenly appeared? What can I do?”
  3. Encourage your followers in social media to guess what caused the stain and give a $10 gift card to the winner.

Remember to think about social media as a “mini blog” and take these opportunities to not only increase engagement but to endear your readers to you by being transparent. Your vulnerability will build a community… a tribe… that will follow you anywhere.

Imperfect Lives Revealed

This week, you can follow #ImperfectLives and/or #InspiredBN to get a behind the scenes look at what is really going on in our homes.

Many bloggers will be writing with transparency, revealing secrets and dirty corners, and linking them up below. If you are a blogger and have a post about the importance of being authentic, feel free to add it to our linky party.

‘); // ]]>

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Time Management Tips for Bloggers

Being a mommy blogger is not as easy as it looks, is it? How do you find the balance between family, home, business, and all the other items that are vying for a spot on your to-do list?

Lots of time management tips for bloggers from the bloggers of the Inspired Bloggers Network

The bloggers of the Inspired Bloggers Network have shared their best time management tips and encouragement to help you find a better way to control your day.

As you read through their advice keep this in mind: Balance is not universal. What works for one person might not work for another because we are all unique. Our families are different just as we ourselves are different. You have to create a daily habit and office hours that work for you, and once you find that groove, stick with it.

Best tips for managing your time as a blogger

My best tip for balancing motherhood and blogging is to avoid procrastination! Like the boy scout motto, “Be prepared.” It never fails that when I am behind, unprepared, and have a million blogging things to do, that’s when the kids need me or something goes wrong and I have to try to juggle everything at once. When I plan and prepare, those little mishaps are far less devastating to the schedule.

Crystal at Serving Joyfully

Break your day up into 3 parts- morning afternoon, and evening. Break your to-do’s up and add what you can reasonably do into those slots with a reward for yourself and/or your children when you complete the tasks in each portion of your day.

Suzette at The Joy of Homemaking

First…TRAIN your children in chores they are capable of, and expect nothing less than THEIR best. Then delegate, and do chores together, get them done. I have kiddos that can do laundry, animal chores, and cook. I don’t expect them to do it all, all the time, but if I have a promo to work on or something urgent, I ask them to help out.

Betty at Peace Creek on the Prairie

Meal plan. With the right planning you can have meals all week and only have to actually “cook” two or three nights. Bake a chicken for quesadillas, chicken and rice casserole, and chicken salad for example. It’s a lot of work the first day and a snap to throw dinner together the next two days.

Trixie at Just Trixie

Designate different days for different tasks. Monday is shopping for the week and snack/meal prep. Tuesday is bathrooms. Wednesday is dusting and vacuuming, etc. After a while it becomes routine and things are broken down into easy to manage steps and while it may never be perfect, it will be done.

Lara at Lara’s Place and a Cup of Grace

Planning and starting our “day” the night before. Making sure we’re ready from the inside out with whole foods and essential oils and Jesus in our hearts! Keeping up with Bible study and prayer time. Family first.

Jennifer at Royal Little Lambs 

Meal plan, use of the slow cooker, pass chores to children early (such as teaching them to do their own laundry at 7), designate a certain day for town errands, and most importantly… honest talks with your hubby about what he most desires in your homemaking. You might be surprised to find what really signals a happy home to him.

Laurie at Our Abundant Blessings

Buy a crock pot! Chop and bag everything into the recipes you plan on using and freeze that way when you are putting the groceries away. In the morning toss one into the crock pot on low and dinner will be done on time.

Jennifer at Upside Down Kids

The best tip I have for achieving balance between family and social media is, sometimes we simply aren’t supposed to be juggling all we do. When our children are young, we have this incredible blessing and opportunity to invest into their lives. The test for me is to think how I will look back on this time and if I will regret any of my choices. It might mean a major rethink of our priorities!

Victoria at Homemaking with Heart

Block out a period of time every day that is sacred for your homeschool and chores. Don’t even open your laptop or check your iPhone notifications during that time. Give your older children (10 and up) permission to request 30 minutes of your time uninterrupted every day. Just for the two of you. Use a crockpot. Cook double batches of seasoned ground beef, soups, chili, and shredded chicken and freeze them for quick meals.

Marcy at Ben and Me

Life first, blog second with a list for everything so the bunny trails don’t trip you up! I have office hours and try to stick with them as best I can, but life always trumps blog because without it, I wouldn’t have anything to blog about.

Amy at Raising Arrows

I guess I just quit trying to make it all look perfect: my kids, my house, my parenting…and as a result we had more room for joy and increased time for laughter.

Allison at The House of Hendrix

I try to remember that we all have to find our own personal balance and it might change often. For example, with two young children I don’t clean nearly as much as I used to. Yes my house gets messy, but it’s always to a reasonable standard within 24 hours and that is my standard. I just don’t pick up every 2 hours like I used to because it would be never-ending if I wanted it 100% clean all the time. With that time saved from not constantly cleaning, I am able to do other things. Every so often, I try to find balance by considering what I am okay with doing/not doing; it changes by what season I’m in and what season my kids are in. But I know for sure that I cannot do it all.

Chelsea at Moments a Day

Don’t compare yourself to any other blogger. EVER. She might look like she has it all together, but in reality she struggles just like you. Do your best. Keep your priorities in line. Your family must come first. Make a work schedule and stick to it. Your children will understand that Mommy has specific work times, but if they constantly see you attached to a laptop, tablet or phone, they won’t respect those work times because they will feel like they are competing for your attention.

Heather at Upside Down Homeschooling

Women in our generation have unprecedented opportunities. Any ‘humble homemaker’ with enough initiative and creativity can build an online business or blog that reaches thousands. However, any opportunity can be a blessing or a curse! Like every other blogger, I get distracted by the details and carried away by the desire to succeed. I like to remind myself that the CAREER I have chosen is MOTHERHOOD. Everything else (blogging, writing, making money) can take the back seat at a moment’s notice.

Kristy at Little Natural Cottage

Large family logistics is a life saver! You don’t need a lot of kids to use it in spite of the name since it really just refocus’ priorities without long, poetic chapters. Short, sweet, ‘get your butt in gear and honor God’ stuff.

Jenn at Planet Mommyhood

Make sure your priorities are in order: God, family, others. Ask God to give you Kingdom eyes to be able to work with the end game in mind. Pray for God’s direction and guidance and commit your ways to Him (Proverbs 3:5,6). And then act based on what you feel He is saying to you. Remember that we only get a glimpse of someone else’s “real” life; don’t compare yourself to someone else. Act on what God is telling you to do.

Becky at Journeying Outside My Box

I have found that the key to being organized in my blogging is to be organized in the rest of my life. I’m obviously still struggling with balance and as organization does not come naturally to me, I fall off the wagon more often than stay on, but I am slowly inching towards success in this area. Meal planning, freezer meals, homeschool planning, delegating, scheduling, and using technology to my advantage are all tools that I am using to this end.

Sharla at The Chaos and the Clutter

I try to remind myself that taking time away from blogging to enjoy other things, such as family, household tasks, and life in general, usually provides new ideas for blogging. Is everything perfectly balanced, probably not, but placing my focus on other things helps generate new ideas and viewpoints.

Robin at Be Social Get Success

All this is easier said than done. Don’t get caught up in a mom competition…even within your own mind and heart…with others who homeschool, blog, etc. Each of us has our own struggles and our own triumphs. No two families are alike in their needs and you need to keep focused on what’s best for your own family. Again, I struggle to remind myself of this constantly over the course of our family homeschooling journey.

Chris at Campfires and Cleats

I like to prepare supper first thing in the morning. I work during nap time, but often it is hard to get off the computer and start supper if I am in the middle of working on something. If supper is already prepped we can still eat a healthy meal and I can keep powering through my work.

MaryEllen at Imperfect Homemaker

If you enjoy your work, do household chores before sitting down to blog. If not, time gets away from you.

Alicia at Extreme Christmas Savings

What is your best time management tip as a blogger?

Drop us a comment.

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How to Create a Blog Media Kit

Creating a media kit for your blog does not need to be a difficult task. You can easily put together a blog media kit with a few simple ingredients.

Creating a media kit for you blog might be easier than you think. If your goal is to make money blogging, a media kit is a necessity.

A media kit for your blog really only needs three things: about you/your blog, the blog’s numbers, and the type of advertising you have available. All of this can fit on one page.

If you want to add a little more glamour, top the page with your blog header.

Basic Needs for a Blog Media Kit

Consider this quick video…

A video is embeded.

If creating a blog media kit intimidates you, stop here and complete all of the above before proceeding.

What Goes in a Blog Media Kit?

Now, if you are comfortable taking your blog’s media kit to the next level, here are a few things you can do to make it really shine, page by page.

First, unless you are a multimedia person with a big business plan, you only need two pages. Max.

Then, make it pretty and use your blog’s background and header as a theme with matching colors and fonts throughout your media kit.

Page One – Introduction

A sample media kit - the basics and how to make it sparkle

Open your media kit with a paragraph about you and your blog. Keep it short. This is not the place for your bio as much as a quick history of your blog, your main topic, and your vision.

You can then add a block quote, popular picture linked to the post, a list of links to your popular posts/series, profile picture with your contact information, and/or your blog’s tagline.

Finally, end this page with your blog’s reach. You can use or a blog survey to gather basic demographic information like the location, age, and gender of your readers. Then, break down the numbers to include:

  • Monthly Unique Visitors
  • Monthly Pageviews
  • RSS Subscribers and/or Email Subscribers
  • Social Media Followers

If you are unsure about how to find the traffic information from your blog, I recommend using Google Analytics as it appears to be the most trusted indicator of blog popularity by most of the companies with which I have worked. Be aware that some companies require a screenshot of your analytics so be honest.

Page Two – About your advertising

A sample media kit - the basics and how to make it sparkle



On page two, your primary focus should be the types of advertising you have available and what you charge for those spaces and services. Include any guidelines for advertisers such as:

  • when payment is due and what types of payment are accepted (Paypal, check, money order).
  • what constitutes a violation of your agreement (redirected links or a landing page with questionable content).
  • whether or not the links will be NOFOLLOW.
  • any rights you reserve for cancelling the contract.

If space allows, brag on yourself. Mention any former advertising relationships, awards, media appearances, or blog networks to which you belong.

Then, before you proofread (and proofread again), insert your contact information. Having your contact information on both pages is critical. Just think of it this way… if someone prints your media kit to hand off to the decision-maker in the company and one of the pages is misplaced, you still want them to have the information they need to contact you.

What to charge for ad space

Not sure what to charge? Fees vary from blog to blog but to get started, you should consider your number of pageviews and the sizes/locations of the ads. Typically, you can multiply the number of pageviews by $0.0005 (or $0.50 per every 10,000 pageviews) to find a good starting rate for a small sidebar ad. For larger blogs, that equation can change to as much as $2 per 10,000 pageviews.

If you are offering larger ads or premium spaces (such as above your blog’s header), you can charge more for these areas but use your small sidebar ad (which tends to be the most popular seller) as a foundation for choosing your other fees.

Edited to add: 

A recent conversation in our Facebook group caused me to realize that bloggers with fewer pageviews need to recognize the value of the time it takes to negotiate, code, and maintain their sidebar. I personally recommend that small blogs do not sell their sidebar ad space for less than $10 a month.

How to deliver your media kit

My media kit is not available on my blog although many blogger do have a page dedicated to their advertising. My page is actually a synopsis of what is available and then I mention that prospective advertisers can request a copy of my media kit by contacting me. (Insert contact information here.)

Then, my media kit is saved as a PDF file so I can easily attach it to any email and it cannot be easily altered.

Any time I receive an email from someone inquiring about ad space, a product review, or guest post, I reply with “Thanks for reaching out. I’ve attached my media kit for your convenience.” If they are really interested in doing business with me, I hear from them again. If not, I have saved myself a ton of time.


Need help making a blog media kit?

If you want all of the equations for figuring out what to charge and the ease of a template made for you, purchase the DIY Blog Media Kit for only $14.99 from the Inspired Blogger University.

You can easily make a blog media kit with these templates and know exactly what to charge with these simple equations. Only $4.99!


The DIY Blog Media Kit includes templates, canned responses for potential advertisers, and more to help you make money blogging.

Now… what about your blog media kit?

What do you think is an essential ingredient for a blog’s media kit? Where do you store it?


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How to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Ever feel frustrated when trying to grow your blog? Feel like you are doing everything right but cannot increase your blog’s traffic?

Simple but GREAT tips to increase blog traffic. Includes a free daily promotion checklist.

When my blog at Meet Penny was only a month old, a new blogger asked me about how to increase blog traffic:

I read your Advertising/PR page and I was very impressed. I am a new blog, almost 3 months old. I am now getting about 6,000 views a month. I was wondering if you are willing to share how you got 12,000 views a month in such a short time. What is the difference between pageviews and visitors?

What great questions!

Because you cannot understand how to increase blog traffic until you understand how to read blog analytics, let me explain the definition of page views and visitors first.

The difference between page views and unique visitors

A “unique visitor” is a computer, smartphone, or tablet’s IP address that connects with your website. Every computer, smartphone, and tablet has a different IP. So, the number of unique visitors is assumed to be the total number of original devices to visit your website. From my experience, this is the most important number in your statistics.

“Page views” is a completely different stat because each unique visitor might look at more than one page on your blog.

Ways to increase your blog traffic

While those numbers are completely true, they might be discouraging to new bloggers. You have to keep in mind that I had two websites previously and then combined them into this one. Those websites were getting about 2,000 unique visitors each. The traffic is now redirected so if someone follows an old link, it brings them to the new website.


I find that writing content that people want and placing it with an image that communicates well encourages the readers to pin on Pinterest. If I look at my top three referral sources over the last three months, Pinterest is always there.

Self Promotion

I have been a reader of several blogs for so long, I know the type of content they want to share with their readers and I create content they will want to share.

For instance, freebie bloggers love printables for homeschooling. When I have something of high quality to share, I send a note to a few bloggers letting them know what I have posted and the url. It is then up to those bloggers whether or not they share it, but when someone does… BAMM! Big traffic spikes.


When I leave a comment on another blog that adds to the post, not a spammy “Follow me back,” I get a lot of click-throughs.

Guest Posting

I do not guest post on other blogs very often but when I do, I see a surge in traffic.

Networking with bloggers will grow your blog traffic

The key, of course, is writing a quality post for a blog of high regard. You can always swap guest posts with a friend and see a few readers added to your traffic but to see a large spike, you have to approach larger blogs.

Promoting Others

Most of all, I get a ton of help from other bloggers. When I promote them through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon, they promote me. Their readers may not know me but they trust the author of the other blog and will then come see what I am all about.

How to Get Blog Traffic

When I decided to get serious about blogging as a business, I knew that I did not have anyone else that was going to put my name in front of people like I could. I could not make money without blog traffic. But if I wanted blog traffic, I had to go get it.

After spending time researching the various social media outlets, I made a checklist of ways I could attract people to my blog and each day, I worked off this checklist.

How do you get traffic to your blog? Be intentional!

This is the exact printable checklist of what I did every day to bring traffic to my blog, but you can use it too if you want to grow.

The daily traffic boosting list includes:

  • Check email and respond,
  • Schedule updates on Facebook,
  • Add my post to Google+,
  • Comment on a blog in my niche,
  • Pin ten posts to Pinterest,
  • and ten other tasks.

No one said that blogging was an easy business and if they did, they were lying. You have to blog because you love it, and if you want to make blogging a career, you need to spend hours upon hours getting your name out there.

You can do this. Get started.

Free Traffic Boosting Checklist

Subscribe and receive the Traffic Boosting Checklist as well as a short email series with special tips for growing your blog’s traffic.

No spam. Guaranteed. Unsubscribe at any time.

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Choosing a Title for Your Blog Post

When I first began blogging, I let the writer in me choose my titles. The titles were poignaint, pretty, and meaningful to me. Sometimes silly. But, never clear to the reader what the post was really about.

Now, I let the computer in me decide. Why?

If your title is not clearly giving a summary of the post’s content to the reader, then it will never catch the attention of the Google Search Bot… the essence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Choosing SEO friendly titles for blog posts

Here is an example from my own archives:

From a Not-So Crafty Person

Can you guess what this post is about? I’ll give you a hint: The article was posted on February 15, 2010.

Still no clue? Can you believe it was a post about the Valentine’s Day treats I made for my children to hand out to their friends?

How to Choose an SEO-friendly Post Title

When you choose your title, ask yourself this question: “If I were to do an internet search for this information, what would my search words be?” Then, use those key words in your title.

  • If you are giving your readers a recipe, then have the name of the recipe AND the word RECIPE in the title of your post.
  • If you are posting about how to clean toilets, then name the post “How to Clean Toilets.”
  • If you are writing about your field trip to the zoo, the name of your post should be “Our trip to the Such-and-Such Zoo.”

Want more tips about choosing a title for your posts?

  1. Study the titles of articles on the cover of magazines. Just change the words where needed to fit your topic.
  2. Use a question. My posts that are titled with questions get more traffic from search engines than any other because people type in phrases like “What is Pinterest?
  3. Give the number of points from your post in your title such as “8 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Budget.”

How do you choose the titles of your blog posts?

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How to Link to Another Blog

Sometimes, I forget that what I consider as basic link coding is new to another blogger. Recently, I received an email from a sweet lady asking me to explain how to “link back” to a blog.

Great tutorial for linking to another blog. Includes instructions for Blogger and WordPress as well as a lesson in link building HTML. VERY informative and perfect for new bloggers.

Honestly, one of the best compliments you can give another blogger is to link to one of their posts, giving them credit for a job well-done. Also, in some linky parties, it is required. But, how do you do that?

The EASY Way ~ From Blogger

Type up your post and then highlight the words from your post where you want to insert a link. Then, click in the toolbar where it says link.
A box will pop up that already has the words in it that you have highlighted and then it asks you for the URL. That is the website address. 
Then, it is up to you whether or not you click for the URL to open in a new window. My strategy is to have links pointing away from my blog open in a new window (because I want a window to remain open with my blog) and have links within my own blog open in the same window to increase my page views.
Next, click OK. That should do it.

The EASY Way ~ From WordPress



Very similar to Blogger, type up your post and then highlight the words from your post where you want to insert a link. Look for the hyperlink icon in your menu and click it.

The box comes up and asks you for the URL and title. Again, it is up to you whether or not you click for the link to open in a new window. Again…

My strategy is to have links pointing away from my blog open in a new window (because I want a window to remain open with my blog) and have links within my own blog open in the same window to increase my page views.

Basic HTML Link Code Language

Regardless of whether you are on Blogger or WordPress or whatever, you really should start learning to read the HTML language.

In order to type into the HTML format, you would need to switch from COMPOSE  or VISUAL to the HTML language on your post. You will need to know where you want the link within your post. Find that spot and put in the correct code:

<a href=”INSERTWEBADDRESS” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” >WORDS YOU WANT YOUR READER TO SEE</a>

The “href” directs to the link you want. The “rel=nofollow” tells the search engine robots that you want them to stay on your blog. [Know when to use rel nofollow links.] The “target” tell the link to open in a new window.
As an example, your link might look like the image below (colors added for clarity):

Enhancing SEO with Link Code

Here is an important tip that will help your blog and those to whom you link… Instead of using the blog’s name as the text link, use the keywords describing the link’s content. Keyword-rich text links give you an added boost of SEO juice.

Learn More about SEO and Links