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Hey there! I’m Tabitha Philen, a wife to one terrific guy and mom to four (sometimes) amazing children, making a full-time income by blogging at

It’s been almost ten years since I started my very first blog. My history in the blogosphere is studded by tremendous success (and a sprinkling of defeat.) But what I’ve learned along the way I share openly and honestly with the members of Inspired Bloggers University because my focus is caring, collaborating, and community. Not profit.

For me, members of Inspired Bloggers University are not a paycheck but friends.

So if you are looking for a blogging mentor who has struggled through the ups and downs of blog traffic, affiliate marketing, product creation, and more… I’m here to help.

The Lifetime Membership option is CLOSING.

On October 15, 2018, the Lifetime Membership option will be closed and replaced by a recurring monthly membership.

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Where are you in your blogging journey?

Whatever your current struggle, Tabitha has created an Inspired Bloggers University course to help and ALL courses are instantly available to members.

Build your WordPress blog on a strong foundation.
Create a Pinterest strategy and get more traffic.
Overcome the overwhelm and get more done.
Control your income by creating digital products.
Grow your traffic with 25+ pageview boosting ideas.
Build an email list for pageviews and profits.
Attract organic traffic from search engines like Google.
Set goals for success with a strategic business plan.
Transform your blog into a money-making machine.
Implement the skills needed to be a 6-figure blogger.
Make more money by partnering with brands.
Get off the hamster wheel and create a SMARTer plan.

Each course, printable, audio, and video is designed specifically to educate and empower you to share your inspired message with others. By helping you connect with the people who need to hear your voice, you will see your blog traffic and financial profit grow.

FREE Blogging Planner

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Designed with strategic worksheets for planning, creating, and implementing a profitable blogging business, the Blog Success Planner is the best planner for the blogger seeking to increase blog traffic and income.

Much more than any other blogging planner available, the Blog Success Planner is a step-by-step workbook including over 200 UNDATED pages for every aspect of organizing and implementing a detailed business plan.

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What others are saying about Inspired Bloggers University…

I’ve been writing online for 4 years, but I could never really “get myself together”. My traffic and sales still really low … but I have come A LONG way in the past few months!

I attribute much of my success at the end of this year to Tabitha Philen…

– Pam

But what makes Inspired Bloggers University different?

With so many experts pushing their own classes, why should you choose Inspired Bloggers University? How is IBU different?

An incremental process for building a successful blogging business

The courses and resources at Inspired Bloggers University are not random classes tossed together. Each course is created as a roadmap to establish a strong foundation and grow a successful blog.

Whether you are just beginning or more established in your blogging career, you can jump in and find the exact resources you need to take your blog to the next step.

Transparent and complete courses without gaps

Inspired Bloggers University courses are also completely comprehensive. Nothing is kept secret. You have access to the information it took Tabitha YEARS to learn and master.

Tutorials and worksheets to help you implement and start seeing results immediately

Every course and download includes HOW tutorials with the reasons WHY you should. Classes are primarily text based but most include video tutorials where needed as well as printable worksheets, cheat sheets, and additional helps.

Blogging friends who understand what you do

Blogging can feel lonely but we have a supportive community always available. If the private Facebook group for members does not yield an answer quick enough, the Inspired Bloggers Membership group hosts other bloggers just like you who are eager to help.

An accessible blogging mentor who never disappears

Tabitha is very active in the Inspired Bloggers Members Facebook group. Can’t find the answer you need? Just tag her and ask away! 

Just a reminder of what you receive

The Inspired Bloggers University has the resources you need to master, implement, and excel.

10+ Courses • Private Facebook Community • Numerous Strategy Worksheets

Blog Success Planner • Video Library • Annual Group Coaching

And… a hands-on mentor with ten years of experience!

Normally $697

Only $397 through October 15th

Save $300!

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