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New bloggers spend hours writing posts and sharing updates on social media in hopes of building an audience. Any audience. Just warm bodies that might click an affiliate link and generate a commission or boost page views.

Pro bloggers create a strategic content plan, targeting specific types of people and building relationships that will result in increased income. They approach social media with the same strategy.

Precise. Planned. Purposeful.

Tabitha Philen, founder Inspired Bloggers University
Tabitha Philen, founder Inspired Bloggers University

Welcome to Inspired Bloggers University!

When I started blogging, I had no idea this could become a profitable career. I spent hours aimlessly working to build a profitable blog, churning out content daily, but with little success.

I was doing everything wrong and the results… It took YEARS to grow my blog.

Finally, I reversed my process for creating content. With the flip of a switch, my income began to increase until at last! I was making a full-time income consistently, month after month.

Growing a successful blogging should not take years. Let me show you how to create a profitable strategy and make more money blogging in less time.

After blogging for over a decade, these are printables and classes I have created for growing a profitable blog. I am making the free blogging resources available to you.

These links provide you with an abundance of free blogging resources to help you build a successful blog.

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