Your Inspired Bloggers University Mentorship

Can I say how excited I am that you have made this HUGE step, investing in your blogging business and allowing me to walk to the path to success with you? THANK YOU!

A link with important instructions was emailed to you but because these instructions are SO IMPORTANT, I want you to download them NOW and read each line slowly and thoroughly.

Mentorship Instructions

Your first step is selecting a time for me to call you HERE (opens in a new tab).

I take my relationship with you as a mentor VERY seriously. We need this first call to make sure we are compatible. If you hang up and decide mentorship is not for you, request a refund. No questions asked.

After the first call

Please schedule each meeting as detailed in the instructions and email me with the information requested as soon as possible.

I cannot wait until our first meeting! This is going to be AWESOME!


Founder, Inspired Bloggers University