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What 7.5 MILLION pageviews

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Hey you… I understand how you are feeling. You wrote that AMAZING blog post and hit the “publish” button expecting a sudden surge of people to clammer to your blog. And yet… crickets.

Oh, you get a visit or two… so exciting!!! And then the phone rings. You find out it was your mom who is “so proud of you.” Or your sister who can’t believe what she just read. “I can’t believe you would post THAT!”

Day in and day out, you are hovering over your blog analytics and wondering WHY nothing seems to be working. You feel like you’ve done everything “right” on your blog but are still struggling for blog traffic.

What gives?!?!?

With over 409 million people reading more than 23.7 billion pages each month, why aren’t more of them coming to YOUR BLOG?

If you are you tired of watching your blog analytics slowly rise over months and months of slaving away… or worse… find yourself working harder to grow your blog only to see those numbers dip…

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After 7.5 million page views and helping thousands of other bloggers generate an income through their websites, I’ve learned a thing (or thousands) about growing a successful blog. I truly believe that anyone can become a profitable blogger.

That means YOU!

So, let’s get your blog analytics moving upward!

Tabitha Philen, founder Inspired Bloggers University

Tabitha Philen

Inspired Bloggers University Founder

Devoted to mentoring and encouraging thousands of bloggers with her visionary ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, Tabitha is considered a well-rounded expert on blogging for profit and social media. Dedicated to seeing other people learn from her mistakes, Tabitha also blogs about her frugal family lifestyle at and budget-friendly recipes at

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