Welcome to Group Coaching!

Hi, [member-first-name]!

I am super excited that you have joined Group Coaching… So excited that you will get an email that includes this EXACT information because I want to make sure you receive it.

If you do not see my email in your inbox, that means you will miss future communications. You can correct this with following tips:

  1. Check your spam box for my email and pull it back into your inbox. Make sure to add me to your contacts list so other emails do not get lost.
  2. Didn’t find it? Search your inbox for my email address (tabitha@inspiredbloggersuniversity.com) and place the email in your inbox or a special folder so you do not miss the updates you will receive.

In order for me to access your individual needs, please complete the group coaching survey here. (Opens in a new tab.)

After I receive your survey results, I will contact you with your group information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Wishing you much success,