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Tabitha Philen, Inspired Bloggers University
Tabitha Philen, Founder

When I started blogging, I felt very alone. No one around me understood what I was doing sitting at the computer for hours each day. Then, I made blogging friends and these people spoke my language. But something amazing happened through these relationships… my blog grew by leaps and bounds!

The truth is… You can have all the knowledge you need and still feel stuck. Bloggers who have built successful websites understand that blogging success requires a network of people who understand what you are striving to achieve.

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Our Facebook community contains thousands of bloggers from around the globe. We would love to have you join us!

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To expedite your approval, please complete the verifying questions and note the following:

  • Have your blog name in your Facebook profile.
  • Do not apply until your Facebook account is at least 12 months old.
  • Ask a friend currently in our community to add you to the group.

Community Guidelines {Updated 06/01/2016}

These are the guidelines for the Inspired Bloggers Network Facebook group. The purpose of Inspired Bloggers‬ is the encouragement and education of bloggers.

Our Facebook group is for education and encouragement ONLY. You can only use our group for asking/answering questions and seeking encouragement.

What is NOT allowed in the Inspired Bloggers Network Facebook group: 
*Posting something in hopes of bringing traffic to your blog or the business you work for
*Posting your affiliate and/or referral links – This is a perk reserved only for the founder (Tabitha Philen) and group admins
*Mentioning your VA services (you can respond to those seeking recommendations but cannot start a new thread)
*Posting a “follow me” thread (please use the InspiredBN Promos Group)
*Posting about your direct sales business (candles, vitamins, oils, cookware, etc.)
*Posting to recruit members for another Facebook group (please use the InspiredBN Promos Group)
*Recruiting product reviewers (please use the InspiredBN Promos Group)
*Asking for links or giveaway partners (please use the InspiredBN Promos Group)
*Posting about your linky party
*Crowdsourcing for product research
*Asking others to PM you or saying that you will PM someone with more information

If you are a business owner, all advertising must be approved by admin and provide a beneficial relationship for our members. Please contact Tabitha Philen before soliciting members for a campaign.

What IS allowed:
*When posting a question or answering a question, you can tag your blog’s Facebook page like a signature to your question/answer. If you do not know how to do this, you simply use the @ symbol, and then without a space, start typing the name of your Facebook page. Do not place your entire URL there. Only a tag. And, please only tag YOUR OWN blog’s page and not someone else’s page or your personal page.
*ONE post introducing yourself and your blog/s
*Advice about something on your blog
*Links about blogging/social media tips – UNLESS you are the author of the blog post. Remember, no self-promotion.
*General conversation
*Venting on those tough days
*Money making opportunities (but do not use your referral link) {Income Opp}
*Review opportunities {Review Opp}
*Call for guest posts

But, the group is not for generating blog traffic like some groups are. You can pretty much guarantee that your post will be deleted if: 1) it is a link that has nothing to do with blogging, 2) you have scheduled a link through hoot suite, 3) you use an affiliate or referral link in the status, 4) it is an attempt to stir up controversy, or 5) it is bashing another person, religion, nationality, etc.

If you have a problem with someone in our group, please attempt to settle it outside of the group. Any open arguments will result in BOTH parties being removed.

The Inspired Bloggers Network Facebook group is not exclusive to Christians (although the majority of us are), but there will not be any prejudice against any religion, nationality, race, relationship status, blog niche, favorite color, or choice of pet.

Your participation in our group means you accept these terms (whether you have read them or not) and agree to abide therein.

Tabitha Philen, Inspired Bloggers Network, Inspired Bloggers University, Philen Multimedia, and its agents assume ABSOLUTELY NO responsibility, including but not limited to injury or loss of any kind/form due to the use of information, or participating in activities and conversations found in this group. By becoming the member/participant of the Inspired Bloggers Network Promos, Link Ups, and More Group, you agree to the terms and conditions of the group.

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