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The Best Place for Your Email Subscriber Box

Are you actively seeking email subscribers? Did you know that where you place your email opt in box matters?

Increase your email subscribers instantly by putting an opt in box in THIS spot, the place where more visitors are converted to email subscribers than any other.

It TOTALLY does!

If you want to locate the BEST place on your website for an email subscriber box, the location that will see more conversions than any other… you might not like what I recommend.

Where to put an email subscriber box

So where should you place the opt in box? Anywhere it will fit! But if you need more specific ideas, check out this list:

Sidebar – Probably the default location for an email opt in box on most websites but even in the sidebar, the location matters. Bump that box to the TOP of the sidebar to see the biggest benefit.

After the Post – When placed at the bottom of a blog post, the email subscriber box appeals to anyone who reads the entire article. This placement works even better if the box is a contrasting color to the background of your website.

Middle of the Post – Since most blog visitors never make it to the bottom of a post, placing the blog opt in box in the middle of a post will catch more attention. However, frame the box instead of using a solid color as many readers will think a solid box marks the end of the post.

Entry Welcome – Just like a welcome mat on your front porch, the entry welcome scrolls down from the top of the page upon new visits and prompts readers to subscribe. This is one of the most obtrusive types of email opt in box but it is also very effective.

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Entrance Bar – You might have seen the “Hello Bar” or another entry bar across some websites. While these are easy to overlook, they work best when the bar is a contrasting color to the website’s background color. You should also have the opt in form in the bar instead of having readers click to view a different page.

Homepage Feature – Similar to an entrance bar in style, a homepage featured email opt in box is placed to reach across the page in the middle of other featured content.

Sliding Box – Scroll triggered boxes work well for email opt ins as most can be customized to scroll from the bottom, side, or top and can be adjusted based on the amount of time a visitor is on your website or the amount of the page a visitor has viewed.

But the BEST place for an email opt in

Despite the public outrage over them, pop up boxes remain the undisputed champion for converting visitors to subscribers. However, pop up boxes can be tricky because if they interfere with user experience, Google will notice and ding your search engine optimization.

The best use of pop ups includes:

  • A clear way to close the box with a visible X.
  • Mobile-optimized sizing that does not block the entire content nor hides the X to close.
  • Only presenting upon the visitor’s exit intent or upon viewing 40% or more of the page.

Why are email subscribers important?

Why does any of this matter? Because email is the only means of communicating with your readers that you CONTROL.

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You can’t control the ever-changing social media algorithms. You can’t determine who will see your Facebook posts. You can’t even know that your Pinterest strategy will work.

But, you can control when an email is sent… which means…

If you want page views, you send an email.

If you want product or affiliate sales, you send an email.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Place for Your Email Subscriber Box

  1. Installing an email subscription box will bring in reliable and loyal traffic. A blogger with reliable readers will be a successful blogger. When a blogger gets email monetization, that means they’re in a good place. Just the control of sending an email when you want to sell a product or affiliate means so much.

  2. Placing the opt-in box in a popup is a really great idea. Most people tend to overlook the banners at the sides of the screen, however, it’s hard to ignore something that’s right in front of you. But I do think that finding a proper balance when it comes to the design of the popup is vital, because post people are annoyed by them, especially if they are hard to close.

  3. Such a great information about email marketing. Today Email marketing is a very easy way for promoting our business and web site.

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