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101 Ways Bloggers Can Use Snapchat

There this fun little video app where I have been spending time each day. SNAPCHAT. Maybe you have heard of it? And maybe you are wondering, “How can I use Snapchat to market my blog?”

How to use Snapchat for bloggers - Over 100 ideas to help you get started!

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media network with over 10 billion snaps sent every day. Billion… with a B. Created by over 100 million users. [Source: Snapchat]

That’s millions of people waiting to see how creative you can be.

The target audience for Snapchat is ages 18 to 34. However, the age of Snapchat users continues to grow older as the popularity of this mobile video platform.

Why Snapchat for bloggers

Live video is the best thing to happen to the blogosphere in a long time. And with the rise of internet broadcasting on social media and the ever-increasing importance of video-based content, Snapchat gives you the opportunity to dabble in video without a significant commitment. If you hate your snaps, they are gone after 24 hours. Never to be seen again.

Snapchat gives bloggers the perfect opportunity to build trust in their community through transparency.

How to use Snapchat for bloggers - Over 100 ideas to help you get started!

Snapchat is not meant to be gorgeous. (And if you need a little help with that, use a filter!) You do not need any special lighting or equipment. No staging of photos required like on Instagram. Just be YOU.

I have friends who are always saying, “Tabitha, your readers just want more of YOU. Give them YOU.” And that is what I am saying to you right now. Take your blogging to another level of… intimacy… for lack of better word… and invite your readers to see the live, unedited YOU.

I know what you are thinking… “One more thing that I have to do.” But really… your snaps can be as complicated as you want them to be. Or not.

How to Use Snapchat

Snapchat is like a dark room. You have no way of knowing who else is there until you connect. You cannot see what they are doing and they cannot see what you are doing until you follow one another.

How to use Snapchat for bloggers - Over 100 ideas to help you get started!

The only way to find people on Snapchat is through your contacts list, by Snapchat username, or through Snapcode. You can also add people who are close to you which is handy at blogging conferences.

To share with the people following you, add snaps to your “story.” Followers can view your story for up to 24 hours.

How to use Snapchat for bloggers - Over 100 ideas to help you get started!

You can send snaps to individual people but I DO NOT recommend this as a way of sending out your content. If someone sends you a question, respond with an individual snap. If you have a question, ask. But please do not send your unsolicited, self-promotional snaps directly to a person. That’s spam. And I unfollow anyone who does this to me.

Building your Snapchat following

When you are ready to build your following, mention you are on Snapchat everywhere. Cross-promote on other social media. Save a few snaps to share in blog posts.

How to use Snapchat for bloggers - Over 100 ideas to help you get started!

Change your social media profile pictures to your Snapchat code. People can save the image and easily follow you.

Also snap consistently. Try to add at least one snap to your story every day, but don’t snap just for the sake of adding something to the feed. Be creative. Add value to the lives of others.

>>TIP: Looking for people in your niche to follow? Use the GhostCodes app.

101 Ways Bloggers Can Use Snapchat

If you are struggling to see how you could use Snapchat as a blogger, I have compiled a list of ideas.

Check out this example…

Some are niche specific, but there are enough ideas for using Snapchat to market your blog that you will surely find some inspiration.

  1. Show off your newest find… at the store, flea market, conference, etc.
  2. Take a tour of your house, shop, desk, etc.
  3. Share process photos of a DIY project.
  4. Team up and play checkers with another Snapchat user.
  5. Share exclusive content.
  6. Post a “rant of the day.”
  7. Share the funnies you notice at a conference or store.
  8. Network with other bloggers through individual snaps.
  9. Announce a giveaway winner.
  10. Check out live events for blog post ideas.
  11. Offer a limited time coupon for followers only.
  12. Reveal your dirty side… like your kitchen sink.
  13. Have theme days like Tools Tuesday or Food Friday.
  14. Show off an organizational hack.
  15. Unbox a new product.
  16. Lipsync.
  17. Share your multiple personalities… if you have them.
  18. Show off your favorite products.
  19. Read a book. Page. By. Page.
  20. Motivate.
  21. Draw something. (A skinny stylus helps.)
  22. Show off your newest tech device.
  23. Create a wish list of products.
  24. Share your recent blog post.
  25. Vent.
  26. Doodle over your image.
  27. Take ugly selfies… on purpose.
  28. Create a diary of your travels.
  29. Make up funny songs.
  30. Display your favorite place to work.
  31. Illustrate a quote.
  32. Tell what you did today.
  33. Shout out to other Snapchatting bloggers.
  34. Post your favorite deals.
  35. Do celebrity impersonations.
  36. Encourage others.
  37. Share wisdom.
  38. Answer your email and respond to questions in snaps.
  39. Take a tour of a popular tourist destination.
  40. Ask for blog post ideas.
  41. Take a survey and ask followers to “snap back.”
  42. Create an emoji story of your life.
  43. Give an hour by hour peek into your life.
  44. Share a “tip of the day.”
  45. Snap before and after pictures of a project or remodel.
  46. Tell a joke.
  47. Reveal a secret.
  48. Host a scavenger hunt.
  49. Plan a challenge and record your progress.
  50. Post a tutorial.
  51. Illustrate your favorite pun.
  52. Show off your typos.
  53. Karaoke.
  54. Let followers choose your next blog post.
  55. Give away a freebie just to followers.
  56. Show off your shopping receipts.
  57. Read the beginning of your recent blog post.
  58. Overlay emojis on pictures.
  59. Dance. Or try to dance.
  60. Tell them what you are learning.
  61. Feature people at an event with you.
  62. Share a screenshot from your favorite Snapchat user.
  63. Announce when you sent out your email newsletter.
  64. Show what you wore today.
  65. Review a product.
  66. Outline a lesson plan.
  67. Make money sharing affiliate links with Pretty Link.
  68. Takeover another person’s Snapchat account for the day.
  69. Offer a flash sale.
  70. Play with your pet.
  71. Create a recipe.
  72. Teach a lesson.
  73. Record a (harmless) prank.
  74. Let viewers peek inside your new product.
  75. Host a newsy SnapCast on your topic.
  76. Celebrate special moments.
  77. Host a classroom tour.
  78. Be inspirational.
  79. Share how you made it.
  80. Talk about your 5 essential items.
  81. Require responses to be entered in a giveaway.
  82. Download your snaps into a compilation video.
  83. Give a peek into your family life.
  84. Video a science project.
  85. Experiment with stop motion animation.
  86. Post your party planning.
  87. Go shopping.
  88. Host a book club.
  89. Give access to private events.
  90. Peek into your “coming soon” file.
  91. Engage with a themed “Snap a Day” challenge.
  92. Edit downloaded snaps to enhance your content.
  93. Share a cultural difference.
  94. Be sarcastic.
  95. Snap about an open position in your team.
  96. Cross-promote your other social media channels.
  97. Use Q&A to learn about your followers.
  98. Hype. Hype it up.
  99. Snap back to influencers and celebrities.
  100. Share an extreme close-up for a “what is it?” contest.
  101. Just have fun!

What ideas do you have for how bloggers can use Snapchat?

Leave us a comment and make sure to include your Snapchat username.

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4 thoughts on “101 Ways Bloggers Can Use Snapchat

  1. I been used geofilters form that was so awesome!

  2. Question for oyu, I use snapchat for just messing around with friends, but if people want to follow you they can, i understand that, but surely you have to send then snaps indivually, otherwise how do they see your snaps?
    its not like instagram where you post anyways, you have to actually send them to a person?
    this is what i am not understanding how snapchat can be useful to a blogger 🙂
    would love an explanation!
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Julie, this is 7 months late but I just recently had a similar question.
      In snapchat, when you add a snap to “My Story” your followers receive it just like they would if you sent one to them individually.

      You might also notice “Our Story” … the difference is that My Story is shared with everyone following you, and Our Story is discoverable to those who don’t follow you yet.

  3. I guess Snapchat is good for messing around friends. Being a blogger, I never foudn it that useful. Anyways, thanks for the list of 101 Ways of using Snapchat.

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