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January Blogger Income Report 2016

A brand new year brings fresh new vision and opportunities. My ambition reflected in the blog income expense report. My goal was just $5,000 but I blew it away. (All glory to God.)

Wow. What a month! Detailed blog income expense report for January 2016. I can see the importance of having my own products now.

January meant getting back to work after a long holiday break and I struggled. While I still have a fire in my heart fueled by new goals in my Blog Success Planner, the backlog of work made me feel like I was so far behind. I absolutely hate working backwards. I need to remember this when the holidays roll around this year and give extra hours to team members so they can cover for me.

Even so, the annual Inspired Bloggers University membership sale was a huge success and Blog Success Planners sold like crazy. Affiliates were hustling and commissions were the highest they have been.

Tweet: Your #blog page views cannot limit your profitability, but your creativity can. #blog page views cannot limit your profitability, but your creativity can.

As I compared the income between my blogs, one thing became VERY clear. Page views do not restrain profitability. Inspired Bloggers University is much younger and smaller than Meet Penny but made tremendously more.


I was selling my own products. These are not measly commissions or sponsored posts represented by my income. Even the passive sidebar advertising cannot compare to the profit I achieved by selling printables and classes. So I am not limited by my page views. My only limit is my creativity.

But the best part comes in knowing I am not just hustling snake oil but providing solutions for people, boosting them towards success.

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Blog Income Report – January 2016

InspiredBU Affiliate Earnings $261.65
InspiredBU Product Sales $7,514.83
Meet Penny Affiliate Earnings $781.40
Meet Penny Advertising $634.09
Meet Penny Product Sales $98.90

Total Income = $9290.87
February Goal = $5000
Difference = +$4290.87

Advertising $290.41 (Facebook Ads)
Contractors & Commissions $651.32
Paypal Fees $370.60
Email Service $119 (ConvertKit)
Blog Hosting $1495 (Rainmaker)
Office $222.94

Total Expenses = $3149.27

Net Profit = +$6141.60

My business mistakes

  • WHY have I not completed the move to Rainmaker before my free trial ended? Quietly kicking myself for moving so slowly.
  • Ignoring my inbox over the holidays. Oh my gosh! When I looked, I had several sponsorship opportunities that I missed because I was being lazy. Do I regret taking two weeks off to be with my family? No. But I wish I had at least hired someone to babysit my inbox while I was off.

My business successes

  • I made a profit of $6,141.60 and blew my goal out of the water!
  • Slowly but surely got over the holiday blues and returned to my normal work routine. It was so hard though!

Hey blogger! Track your income and expenses easily. Get the free XLSX spreadsheet.

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