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Digital CoLab and #FinCon2015 Review

Each year, when choosing my travel schedule, I know that I will be attending Digital CoLab. Without a doubt, I know that Digital CoLab is the one conference where I can go and learn something that will change the direction of my business in a very good way.

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This year, since Digital CoLab preceded FinCon, I decided to stick around and attend both conferences.

Session Rewind

Digital CoLab was two days of intensives and round table discussions. I was excited to train others on Periscope and still have time to learn.

Digital CoLab Sessions

Steve Chou, Getting into E-commerce

Steve, founder of My Wife Quit Her Job, brought a tremendous amount of content in his session. He walked a group of about 30 (maybe 40) people step-by-step through the process of finding a marketable product, negotiating with the vendor, and listing the product for sale… and more. Despite being so comprehensive, Steve helped me realize that breaking into e-commerce was actually easier than I thought.

Jim Wang, Membership Sites

Founder of Wallet Hacks, Jim has worked side-by-side with Erin Chase of $5 Dinners to create and amazingly successful membership site. As the owner of two membership sites, my largest take-aways was the importance of surveys… lots of surveys. Upgrade surveys, purchase surveys, exit surveys, product creation surveys… Keep asking questions. Then, use snippets from the responses to write the copy for your products. (Why didn’t I think of that?!)

Bob Loitch, Adsense Hacks

Bob is the founder of Seed Time, formerly known as Christian Personal Finance, and he shared how he has increased his Google Adsense revenue by consistently setting experiments. Through simple A/B testing, Bob has been able to secure an additional $1,000 a month but only spend about 5 minutes on his Adsense account each week, and he had us walk through the simple process with him so we could take this knowledge home with experience.

Just a little light conversation at the #DigiCoLab round table with #blogger #Blogging #taxes

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Each roundtable was restricted to ten or less and was extremely hands-on. I learned how to implement A/B testing, the best tax entity classification for my blogging business, and much more!

FinCon Sessions

Oh my! The number of sessions available at FinCon is quite overwhelming, even for this seasoned blog conference attendee. But, that is a GREAT thing because you can be sure to find topics that apply to you even if your niche is not personal finance.

Jared Easley, Getting Interviewed by Podcasters

I had a fabulous time meeting Jared, co-founder of Podcast Movement, and not just because he originates from my home state of Alabama. (Although we did have a blast sipping sweet tea and talking in our deep south accents.)

Remember #podcasting is intimate because you are right inside someone’s earbuds @jaredeasley #FinCon15 — Tabitha Philen (@TabithaPhilen) September 18, 2015

Being resistant to joining the amazingly talented podcasters I listen to each week, I realized that I could still offer my expertise to podcasters and help them develop content without needing to start a podcast of my own.

Noah Kagan, Email Subscribers

Founder of OK Dork and Sumome, Noah is a powerhouse of information. While his session was about blowing up your email subscriber list, I learned much more than that. My biggest takeaway was actually through his tips on creating Facebook ads, one of my biggest deficits.

FinCon was also packed with sessions featuring success stories (from people who quit their jobs to work from home, started using Pinterest, and more) as well as expert panels (where you could have your website reviewed and business model adjusted.)


There was always something to learn during the day and if you thought you might have some time to put your feet up, you would remember the extensive vendor hall packed with sponsors or the amazing keynotes… and I can’t forget the parties every night and the PLUTUS Awards.

Truly, the opportunities to network with powerhouse podcasters, millionaire bloggers, and really cool nerds were numerous, but the best part… it was like a huge family reunion. No pretenses. No stuffy suits. Just blue jeans, flip flops, and a bunch of friends talking about business over dinner.

Next Year’s Digital CoLab and FinCon

I already have my tickets and hotel reservation for Digital CoLab and FinCon 2016, hosted in San Diego from September 20 through September 24, and I would LOVE for your to join me!

18 thoughts on “Digital CoLab and #FinCon2015 Review

  1. i have never been to a blogging conference so i need to get my feet wet 🙂

  2. I follow you on Periscope and am watching your scope right now as enter your wonderful giveaway. This event keeps happening on my birthday (Sept 18th) and I would love to win and treat myself to a fun go-away for my birthday.

    Thanks for the generous giveaway~

  3. I think attending these conferences would be a huge benefit to my online business and desire to earn a sustainable income from home!

  4. It would be so cool to win & go to my first conference. I’ve been blogging for several years but I’m working on being more serious about making this a business. I have so much to learn!

  5. The blogger and accounting nerd in me is freaking out! I just heard about fincon this year and am making My mission to go next next!!

  6. They both sound awesome! Not sure which one I want to go to more!

  7. I have yet to attend a blogging conference, and CoLab is the one I really want to attend! This would be amazing!

  8. I’ve never been to a blogging conference before, but I’ve heard this is the place to be. Networking, education, sign me up!

  9. The networking opportunities alone are what makes these types of conferences worth the ticket price. In addition, the material is up to date, relevant to growing a successful business and essential to continuing good business practices.

  10. I’ve been to the previous version of Digital CoLab (Savvy Blogging) several times, and I’d love to go again. The learning is awesome! Plus, I’ve never been to FinCon, but it intrigues me with my business background.

  11. I would love to go and focus on my blog!!!

  12. I’ve been to conferences previously however the sessions were not always informative for those who have been blogging for some time. Your description of the roundtables alone sound very helpful and informative.

  13. I would love to go to a blogging conference, especially one that focuses on business since we just started our own. I’m hoping it will be a budget line item by next year, but winning would be even better!

  14. This was my first year to attend FinCon. I’m still sorting through all of the great information. I’ll have to consider Digital co-lab for next year.

  15. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I love Digital Colab! Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend this year, but can’t wait to go again next year!

  17. I watched all of the Scopes from this year’s event and they sure made me want to be there!
    Connecting with brands, networking with other bloggers, and learning from such professionals sure make this a conference that I want to attend. 🙂
    This is an incredible giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  18. I had a wonderful time and learned so much at Digi in the Summer of 2014. Would love to be able to attend again in my home town.

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