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What is Periscope? (and why you should join today)

Hi there! Today, I am happy to share an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Periscope eCourse. To know when the course is complete, be sure to subscribe!

Why should bloggers be joining Periscope right now? She has some great ideas!


If you have heard about the new live streaming app from Twitter but wondered, “What is Periscope?” allow me to help.

Introduction to Periscope

In February 2015, Twitter purchased Periscope, an iOS live broadcast app, and by late March, launched to be greeted with a great deal of celebrity and excitement. In May 2015, Periscope was also released for Android users.

Similar to Meerkat, another live streaming app that launched in 2015, Periscope allows anyone to stream live, unedited content to the internet with just a smartphone.

Periscope lets users easily stream footage from their devices to their followers. Viewers can comment and send “hearts” to the streamer. The footage can be then replayed later — a key difference to Meerkat, where the footage is gone for good once the stream is over.


The user interface is simple, making Periscope attractive to anyone with a desire to stream live content without a lot of equipment or experience.

NOTE: You no longer need a Twitter account in order to sign up for Periscope.

Why bloggers should join Periscope now…

Since joining Periscope less than three weeks ago, I have seen my numbers increase across the board:

  • added over 100 Twitter followers
  • saw more than 200 email subscribers opt in
  • recruited over 200 new Facebook group members
  • watched product sales rise by 35%

In other words, engagement like CRAZY. What every blogger wants!

Why should bloggers be joining Periscope right now? She has some great ideas!

Periscope provides you with an excellent platform for presenting tutorials, encouragement, advice, etc. with real time engagement from your followers in a chat-style stream. Using Periscope regularly will enlarge your sphere of influence, placing your content in front of more people.

But more than numbers…

  • I have forged several new and strategic relationships with people I did not previously know in my niche.
  • I have received huge accolades and encouragement from experts and friends about my abilities and knowledge (which is a tremendous motivator to keep going).
  • I have renewed my vision, and I am charged with new ideas to help others grow their blogs.
  • I have learned a ton from others by watching broadcasts too.

Most people either “get” what Periscope is, or they don’t. I think the best way to understand how Periscope will work for you is to try it for yourself, and if you need more ideas and help in choosing your niche, refining your strategy, and making money by using Periscope, invest in The Ultimate Guide to Periscope eCourse.

And follow me…

Be sure to follow me on Periscope @TabithaPhilen for blogging tips, social media advice, entrepreneur insights, and great blog marketing strategies.

4 thoughts on “What is Periscope? (and why you should join today)

  1. Thanks for the intro… look like fun! Will all my twitter followers see my broadcast or only those with periscope? Also do you know if I can save a broadcast for later use or attach to a blog post??? Going on a cross-country adventure where this could be fun!

    1. When you start a broadcast, you can send a tweet through Twitter. While your broadcast is live, anyone can watch from desktop or mobile device. However, the replay is only available through the Periscope app. And, yes, you can save the broadcast and use it later.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this information. I’ve been trying to figure Periscope out.
    What happens to the video after 24 hours? Does it still exist in cyberspace anywhere, or is it gone forever?
    Thank you!

    1. My pleasure to help. It is gone forever unless you capture it with Katch or save to your device. 🙂

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