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Celebrate Work-at-Home Moms and Dads Instagram Challenge


It’s that time of year when mothers and fathers everywhere have a special day.  Whether or not your blog is your main job, side job or hobby, you are a Work-at-Home-Mom or -Dad.  We want to celebrate Work-At-Home-Heroes with an Instagram challenge.

Join us for a 30 day #InspiredBN Instagram Photo Challenge celebrating work-at-home moms and dads. #WAHHeros

This is too big for just one day, so we are going to take 30 days to celebrate all the Work-at-Home-Heroes – both moms and dads.  We’ll be hosting our first #InspiredBN Instagram Challenge.  For six weeks, Monday through Friday, beginning May 11th, share your pic on Instagram and use the hashtags #InspiredBN and #WAHHeroes.  We have a different prompt for each day of the challenge, 30 in all, taking us from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.

New to Instagram Challenges?

  • Use the daily prompts as a guide – interpret how you wish to make your post your own while keeping within the guidelines of family friendly and celebrating work-at-home-heroes.
  • Post one picture each day on Instagram – need to edit your photo on your computer?  E-mail the edited photo to yourself and open from your mobile device to post via the Instagram app.
  • Use the hashtags designated for this challenge – #InspiredBN and #WAHHeroes  Search those hashtags to see what others have shared.  Have fun and share yourself!
  • Repeat each day of the challenge.

#InspiredBN Instagram Challenge Week1

#InspiredBN Instagram Challenge Week2







#InspiredBN Instagram Challenge Week3

#InspiredBN Instagram Challenge Week4







#InspiredBN Instagram Challenge Week5

#InspiredBN Instagram Challenge Week6

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