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Understanding Dofollow and Nofollow Links

** Each time someone figures out what works best for SEO, the algorithm seems to change. The best way to attract search engines to your blog is create amazing content and use words to describe your topic accurately.**

Dofollow links. Nofollow links. What does it all mean?

An easy way to understand the difference between nofollow and nofollow links.

Blogging can be so confusing when you don’t understand the jargon. In this video, I explain what dofollow link and nofollow link are as well as which you should use in certain situations to make your links benefit your SEO.

As you watch the Educreations video embedded, remember that the internet is a web. There is a reason why we start every website url with WWW, short for world wide WEB. So, if the internet is a big web, the search bots are link spiders crawling the web and they report back to Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc with what they discover.

Adding nofollow coding communicates the links where you do not want to pass along SEO link juice.

[A video is embedded. If you cannot see the video, please click here.]

Important things to note about SEO link building

  • Any affiliate link on your blog as well as links for paid content should be nofollow links.
  • You need nofollow and dofollow links on your blog to prove your blog’s value to a search engine.
  • Links should be to relevant content and not randomly placed.

9 thoughts on “Understanding Dofollow and Nofollow Links

  1. Hi Tabitha…I watched the video but I’m still not clear on why we need to use NoFollow links. Don’t we want people to click on our affiliate links and visit the other site and purchase something…and eventually get a little commission for that? Is the problem that they don’t automatically come back to our original post? Maybe I am not understanding exactly how a NoFollow link works… Thanks Tabitha

    1. The “nofollow” is a language that the search bots read but has no impact on readers or your ability to make money. Don’t think about it in terms of “gaining followers” because it is a completely different term and relates only to HTML language. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. I couldn’t see the video, only hear it. I clicked the “please click here” part as well 🙁

    1. Wait, just clued in….I can see it….

  3. […] tells the search engine robots that you want them to stay on your blog. [Know when to use rel nofollow links.] The “target” tell the link to open in a new window. As an example, your link might […]

  4. This was great – so easy to understand. A basic question: are links automatically follow unless it’s specified as “no follow”?

    1. Unless something in your theme has them set to nofollow, yes.

  5. My tablet isn’t flash capable any chance this is also on YouTube?

    1. No, but you can find it using the app by Educreations. One day, I need to remake it. 🙁

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