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How to Check Your SEO Strategy

So, you are working hard to improve the SEO on your blog, but how do you know if it is working?

Two ways to check your seo strategy

What NOT to do

You cannot search for your keywords and expect to get accurate results. Why? Because the Google algorithm is synced to show you results from the places you spend the most time online and the results that are closest to your geographical location.

So, how can you check your search engine optimization strategy?

1) You can open an incognito search window.

How to check your seo strategy with google incognito window

Inside Google Chrome, click the settings icon (three stacked bars at the top right of your browser, just below the X to close the window). Then, choose to open a new incognito window.

Searches from this window will mask any of your preferences although your geographic information may still taint the results slightly.

2) You can check your blog’s Webmaster Tools.

Visit Google’s Websmaster Tools and follow the instructions in this video.

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