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The Most Important Keyword Spots on Your Blog

**SEO changes all the time. I recommend that you stay up to date on best practices as the algorithm changes.**

This is PART TWO of our series, SEO 1.0.

If you think of your blog as a home, there are certain spots where you keep your valuable information. Your blog address (URL), site title, and tagline are prime spots for SEO.

where to place keywords on your blog

Have you neglected the tagline of your blog? For WordPress users, is your blog still “just another WordPress site” or have you completed the information in the “general” section?

If you are a Genesis framework user, your blog theme is ready for some heavy duty SEO boosting. Just make sure you are completing the homepage settings under Genesis > SEO Settings. If your blog title doesn’t contain keywords (cough… Meet Penny???), you want to have a rich META description and select to wrap your site description in the <H1> tag.

Now, this is something for EVERYONE regardless of your hosting or theme situation. Watch this video to learn the other MOST important spots on your blog for SEO.

Then, watch this video to know the most important places within a blog post for SEO.

Your homework: 1. Complete the most important information on your blog. 2. Stop using “cute” titles for blog posts. 3. Divide your content appropriately with subtitles in the H2 heading format.

3 thoughts on “The Most Important Keyword Spots on Your Blog

  1. The second video was the most helpful, simple & clear way SEO has ever been explained to me. THANK YOU!

  2. This was the easiest way I have heard, and I finally feel like the light is coming through. This makes sense for informational posts. Do you have any suggestions or posts you have written about keywords and headers for things are more like personal essays?

    1. That is definitely harder, Christa. I guess you would need to consider the theme of your personal essay. If it is about finding joy in circumstances, then you might consider the keywords related to joy, trouble, etc.

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