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Why Attend a Blog Conference?

If you want to grow your blog quickly, you need to attend a blog conference.

Looking back over the analytic history on my blog at, I have what I call “the dividing line.”

On that blog, you can clearly see a difference before I attended my first blog conference and after. My first conference was The 2:1 Conference, and the impact of that one weekend changed the direction of my blog, my life, and my family.

Why should you go to a blog conference?

Could our family afford for me to attend this conference? No. But we made the sacrifices necessary and I am so glad because our lives have never been the same.


The experts

A blog conference gives you the opportunity to learn from the best.

The conference founders are the leaders in our field and they take tremendous pride in finding the experts on topics that matter for our growth and development, bringing them together so you can pick apart their brains.

The networking

Not only do blog founders work hard to hire great speakers, they bring in excellent sponsors and give you the opportunity to speak with these brands, face to face. Some of the connections I have made at blogging conferences have become major sources of income, not to mention the amazing relationships.

The friendships

Speaking of relationships… Before I attended a blog conference, the other bloggers I “saw” online were just avatars. I would tweet with them and might leave a comment on their blogs, but they didn’t come to life until I met them face to face, shared a hotel room with them, and ate meals with them.

The ladies and men I’ve had the pleasure to meet at blog conferences have become my mentors, blog traffic referrers, biggest cheerleaders on new endeavors, best friends, and the main reason why you should attend a blog conference.

>>Find a blog conference to attend<<

You can make no greater investment in your blog than to go to a conference and meet your peers.

Even if you are at a point where you know everything there is to know about blogging and you could easily be the keynote speaker in every session, you still should find a conference to attend each year because no matter how much attention you pay to SEO or social media, it is the relationships that will take your blog to the next level.

Why do you consider a blog conference a wise investment?

4 thoughts on “Why Attend a Blog Conference?

  1. Definitely meeting people face to face was a huge thing for me. Even if I didn’t get to know them very well, if we came in contact for a short while, often times we later become good friends/supporters later, after we get home. Every conference I’ve attended has become a treasured experience!

  2. I am actually attending my first conference this weekend so I’m glad to have read this. I am excited to learn more and grow my blog.


  3. […] A couple of years ago, Bill and I were pressed by God to make a huge sacrifice in order for me to attend my first blogging conference. […]

  4. Do any of these ever come to Texas?

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