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Imperfect Lives Revealed Can Increase Engagement

Many times, a blogger’s life appears just too perfect on the other side on the computer screen. It is easy for readers to think that our lives are filled with rosy moments and spotless dishes because that is all they see in our posts. We have to strive to be transparent and to encourage instead of creating doubts and anxiety in the lives of those who read our blogs.

Imperfect lives are revealed as bloggers of the #InspiredBN strive to be authentic and real. Come take a look behind the scenes.

Within our network of bloggers, we have resolved to reveal the imperfect parts of our lives through social media.

Using social media to increase authenticity

While writing about your spotted carpet might not naturally flow into a blog post, you can certainly show the less perfect side of yourself though social media.

You can turn any awkward situation into an opportunity to build trust.

Just to get you thinking…

  1. Take a picture of your spots and ask your readers for a natural solution to get the stain out of your carpet. Post before and after pictures.
  2. Put out a plea for help, “My mother in law is 10 minutes out and this stain suddenly appeared? What can I do?”
  3. Encourage your followers in social media to guess what caused the stain and give a $10 gift card to the winner.

Remember to think about social media as a “mini blog” and take these opportunities to not only increase engagement but to endear your readers to you by being transparent. Your vulnerability will build a community… a tribe… that will follow you anywhere.

Imperfect Lives Revealed

This week, you can follow #ImperfectLives and/or #InspiredBN to get a behind the scenes look at what is really going on in our homes.

Many bloggers will be writing with transparency, revealing secrets and dirty corners, and linking them up below. If you are a blogger and have a post about the importance of being authentic, feel free to add it to our linky party.

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2 thoughts on “Imperfect Lives Revealed Can Increase Engagement

  1. Thank you, Tabitha, for offering the link up! Looking fwd to reading the others’ posts as well..How was I not following you on Tw?? Happy I clicked over there from sidebar.

    Have a great day and God bless

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