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A Pinterest Tracking Shortcut

If you have been looking for an easy way to know what is being pinned from your website, I recommend PinAlerts.

You can know who is pinning and what they are pinning by using Pin Alerts. The report gets emailed to you and is simple to understand!

Signing up for PinAlerts

Visit PinAlerts to create your account. It takes seconds. Just enter all of the URLs for the websites you want tracked and the frequency of the reports.

Then, sit back and wait for your notifications.

An example of PinAlerts

For my websites, I receive updates once a week. I receive one email that shows the entire list of websites and the number of pins each has received.

How PinAlerts works

I also receive a report for the exact pins from each website.

How to use reports PinAlerts

If you are in the beginning stages of growing your Pinterest account, you can click the pin URL and leave a personal message on the pin to thank the Pinterest user for spreading the word about your blog or product. By commenting, you are encouraging that person to return and pin again. Your Pinterest account is also linked to your comment, encouraging those who see your comment to come take a closer look at your account.

For larger Pinterest accounts, it is probably too difficult to comment on every pin but you can see the most popular topics from your website and create related content. You can also monetize those pages and list related links within those posts to capture the traffic you are receiving from Pinterest.

Do you use PinAlerts? How do you make that work for you?

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